The Role of the Healthcare Manager in Talent Management

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Human resource management departments play an essential role in the organizational process of every organization. This department has been renamed talent management in most healthcare organizations. Employees of healthcare companies play a critical role in the organization’s success. As a result, employees are regarded as valuable assets to the company (Becker et al. 105). This necessitates better employee management and welfare, necessitating the shift from HR management to talent management.
In talent management, the manager has unique duties and roles. The manager’s job is to find and keep employees who have the skills that the company requires. This is accomplished by carefully reviewing and analyzing the employees during the interview and analyzing the jobs of all the employees in the organization. Thus, the manager will be more careful on the management of the talent and the qualified workforce since they are directly related to the organization performance (Griffith 203).
After recruitment, the manager should be more focused on developing the talented staffs and retaining those who have a positive contribution to the performance. The excellent performers need to be maintained so that the healthcare organization performance will remain competitive. In addition, the manager ought to make sure that all the employee’s job requirements are met. This will motivate them and give them a conducive environment to work; hence performance and productivity of the employees will be high.
The talent managers in the healthcare organizations should use formal methods such as providing training programs, education continuation and job enrichment to the employees. Also, informal methods can be used such as employees’ reviews, feedback request, and suggestions programs (Buchbinder and Shanks 32).

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