The role of Special Interest Groups in Politics in Texas

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The social and economic status of an area or territory is decided by politics. Texas is geographically large and has many inhabitants and comprises eight large towns (Calvert, 2002). In defining Texas’ political system, special interest groups play a very important role, with some being religious groups, civil rights groups, and environmental groups, among others. Special interest groups advocate for the greater good of the people, unlike political parties whose interest is to lobby for their agenda. Some of the organized special interest groups that I feel have an impact on the politics of Texas include the Environmental Liberation Front, Texas Ethics Community, and Citizens of Tax Justice among others. When there is an important agenda that the interest group feels should be added or removed by the Texas authority, they use various methods such as filing petitions, public demonstrations, phone-in campaigns, media campaigns, public meetings and write letters. The special interest group fully represent my interests and demands in the government as they have been ensuring those who have been elected to public offices perform their task effectively and uphold their ethics. The groups help the people of Texas to know what is happening in the region and how policies will affect their lives hence can sway the decisions of many people. Some of the effective avenue the special interest groups can use to ensure their impact is felt and demands are considered include using social media to communicate and holding peaceful protests around Texas. Lobbying can also be effective since it will involve having public and private contact with those in authority and explain the position of the people regarding the situation at hand. Voting and the current system is not adequate for me as those elected can using their positions wrongly to benefit themselves or some groups. Special interest groups should be given more power and support so that they can be able to better represent the interest of the people.


Calvert, R., De Lon, A., Cantrell, G. (2002). The History of Texas. Wheeling, Illinois: Harlan Davidson.

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