The Role of Media in Propagating Sex Extremism Among Adolescents

Joel and Boggle in the "Kids Gone Wild"

illuminate on the perceived sex extremism among youths. The themes sexual perversion among adolescents and the role of the media in propagating moral decadence are covered in details as the authors internalize about whether teens have gone out of control in relation their take on sex. The book makes practical use of allusion and rhetorical questions in relating the events and studies on the matter as well as communicating their thoughts on the topic.

The authenticity of the news propagated about the levels sexual perversion among youths

The authors question the authenticity of the news propagated about the levels sexual perversion among youths. The book, for example, evaluates propagated news about bracelet parties in which teens are thought to have sex based on the colour of the bracelets. Despite the widely spread news by the media, the author points out to research that indicates that the levels of pregnancy among teens have gone down by more than 40% since 1990. The authors try to find evidence to support the supposed wild stories about sex among children without much success.

The contribution made by the traditional media and TV's programs

The contribution made by the traditional media and TV’s programs in shaping the teen’s emotions about premature sex is also adequately covered. The book alludes to the "Tyra Banks show" that has conversations with teenagers on their experience. The authors wonder about the impact of such news in the media and their effects on children and parents fear. The authors take the view that sensitive and improperly evidence supported stories about the sex matters are toxic to children and may impact negatively on morals and escalate unnecessary fears among parents.

The topic captured by the book

The topic captured by the book comes at an appropriate time and takes the suitable dimension of calling for more evidence-based information about the subject of sex among youths. The book is factual and depicts sufficient research on the topics that are somewhat carelessly handled by the media. The book also evaluates the role of the culture in supporting myth based news propagated by the press competently and impartially.

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