The Oregon Trail

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The Oregon Trail is one of the top games published by the popular developer Don Rawitsch in the last decade. The original agenda was to educate and instruct children on the facts of pioneering life in the 19th century as part of educating children about the Oregon Trail. The game player serves as the leader of the car and, through a period of freedom, leads the set of settlers to the destination of Oregon from Missouri by using a covered car. The Oregon Trail is the first game in a series of Oregon games that have been created over time by different developers.
The experience of the game is overwhelming as one is exposed to an era where one feels that he is contributing to the wellbeing of the society with multiple errands throughout the game as the wagon leader. Leading the settlers through the journey makes one feel human as providing service to the society while at the same time having fun doing the same. The journey through the trail consists of numerous barriers which act as an element of development through the harsh conditions of the independence period depicted by the game.
I learned a lot from the Oregon Trail game as it acted as a cultural icon, advancing the association with the community as well as giving service to the society. The affection with the community and a feeling of responsibility are also evident throughout the game.
The game is different from other games, both computer, and video, as it is an associated cultural movie with education as well as a feeling of association with a historical event. The game, though the poor graphics and unresponsive controls, is an excellent tool to educate and teach children on the importance of cohesiveness and leadership.

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