The nursing practice

Nursing Work in Florida

Nursing work in Florida, as well as other countries, necessitates specialized skills, knowledge, and independent decision-making. Yet, among nurse professionals, family nurse practitioners (FNP) are mobile and work in an unequal and changing society for consumers. As a result, the provision of nursing care carries an inherent risk of damage (Anon, 2017). Via its FNP legislation, Florida requires frequent monitoring of all nurses, regardless of length of service.

Monitoring Health Professionals

Florida requires the board of nursing (BoN) to regularly monitor health professionals in order to protect the public's health, welfare, and safety. According to Anon (2017), BoN monitors nurse practitioners to ensure that they adhere to the FNP laws. For instance, the board assures nurse competence and fitness in the provision of healthcare services for the people in the country. Some health professionals might argue that qualified and certified nurse practitioners should be allowed autonomy to disseminate the service with minimal interference. This is a valid argument because it will allow independent decision-making and avoid unnecessary pressures (Codina, 2014). However, lack of frequent monitoring might lead to poor quality of health services as some of the practitioners engage in provision of service in which they are not qualified. Consequently, this will endanger public safety.

Role of Physicians

The BoN relegates the supervision role to physicians. Physicians develop the guidelines jointly with nurse practitioners (Anon, 2017). The physician supervisors ensure that nurses have the appropriate knowledge and skills to provide health care. As such, the laws do not require constant collaboration or presence of the physician.


In conclusion, Florida FNP monitors all nurses in the health care sector regardless of the time they have been operating in the field. The BoN collaborates with physicians to ensure that all nurses have the required capacity and ensure safety of the public.


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Codina, L. M. T. (2014). Family nurse practitioner certification intensive review: Fast facts and practice questions. New York, Springer Publishing Company.

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