The NIV Study Bible

Elijah, also known as Tishbite, resided in Israel during the rule of Kings Ahaziah, Ahab, and Jehoram. The name Elijah says, "My God is my Lord."
He was a desert man, meaning that he had set himself apart from things that rule people's hearts and put them apart from God.
Elijah is believed to be a mighty man of God and one of the greatest prophets.
He was a man of a normal kind with a typical disposition, much like Moses and Daniel.
He existed in the time of high spiritual apostasy and declension. Elijah operated in the succession of many wicked rulers of the Israel (1King 19:18).• During his reign, the worship of the God in Israel had ceased and he took the chance to challenge those who worshiped Baal, finally reinstating the worship of the true God in the land.• His message too was extremely brief and direct; he was man of few words. Elijah was a man of great faith and courage and was always willing to speak of God even in the crumbling foundations.• He lived a very useful and busy life, and after the end of his service he was taken to heaven without the means of usual death.• He was commissioned by God to execute the exclusively challenging tasks which included: The proclamation of the constant drought that was about to occur to Ahab which was to act as a punishment for the people of Israel for their disobedience.Challenging Ahab as well as another prophet on the mountain as probe to prove the existence of the true God away from Baal.Declaring the righteous judgment of God upon Jezebel. • Elijah as man of God lived a life of complete separation from the evil of the world. He never compromised with any evil around him; he even condemned the worship of Baal as the true God.• He made uncommon attempt of standing in the presence of Ahab, the king where he notified him that the verdict of God would come upon him (Swindoll, 37).• He was in place of a threat when he chooses to face Ahab and got guts to trust in God where he based every verdict on the word of God. Elijah purely lived in the presence of God where he always expected from God as source of his strength and provision. • God treated Elijah with kindness and at times, he sent his angel to alert him to eat. He was discouraged in many instances but he experienced the love and compassion of God in uncommon ways. His impact and influence was highly felt around the northern kingdom. • He experienced mighty manifestation of God in his life; provided by ravens at the stream, prayed and experienced God’s blaze from heaven. He helped reinstate the worship of Yahweh.Works CitedSwindoll, Charles R. Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility. Vol. 5. Thomas Nelson Inc, 2008.The Bible. New International Version. Bibilica Inc., 2011. Internet Resource.

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