The Miseducation of the Negro book review

The Importance of a Supporting and Supportive Environment in Education

The author conveys his thoughts on the education system and his viewpoint on the importance of a supporting and supportive environment incorporated in the learning process and with a broader knowledge in this book.

Miseducation in Black Children

The author observes that the schooling supplied to black youngsters is deplorable. His dissatisfaction was concentrated on the children's education's lack of engagement with their world. He saw this as miseducation because it separated the children's personalities, particularly owing to the dual identities, leading in an impending identity crisis. The result is that African Americans reject the concept of racial consciousness. The author fails to provide recommendations to rectify the deplorable state of education as he perceives it.

The Factors of the Learning Process

Woodson highlighted the necessary factors of the learning process which includes the learner, knowledge of the subject matter and the values and aims of the society. He concluded that the black children did not receive the right type of education since the education provided subjects them to the will of others. Further, in his analysis, he pointed out that blacks have never been educated instead they have only been informed about the world and the things that are around them. The aim of the author was to expound on a plan which would help in advancing racial education.

The Impacts of Miseducation

The author effectively addresses the concept of miseducation ranging from the process and the role that plays in the life of the Negro. Further, he goes ahead to bring out the impacts in church, business, leadership, vision and even in political ambitions. He appears to be devoted to the provision of an education system that promotes the intellect as well as the black identity. Although he advocates for the advancement of the education for blacks, he equally admonishes the educated blacks so that they can connect their higher education with that of the grassroots which is being undertaken by those who have lesser education. He argues that such pairing of ideas would lead the formation of a framework for an independent community enterprise. Woodson further contends the achievements of the blacks are aligned to that of the whites. He, therefore, suggests that the blacks do away with the notion of a back leader. Rather he suggests that each black individual should know how to think about his situation and uplift the community.

Factors Affecting the Black Community

Although the book explores the capability of changing the education system for the blacks, it lacks an explanation as to why the blacks are not investing in their communities. This means that education is not the only thing that is expected to unite the blacks. The book, therefore, fails to identify other factors that are responsible for divisions within the black community. Such factors include the several black stereotypes, the influx of drugs. Such factors have been documented in books, films causing the blacks to act out these roles and therefore they are perceived as so. The author fails to acknowledge that the state of education is indeed crippling their development.

Denouncing the Eurocentric System and Seeking Solutions

Woodson in this book has conveyed strong ideas denouncing the Eurocentric system of education provided for the black American children. This system has inspired the blacks to seek relevant learning opportunities that incorporate their culture. Although the author points the shortcomings of the education, he fails to provide possible solutions that can be implemented for blacks to become successful.


Woodson, Carter Godwin. The Miseducation of the Negro. Wilder Publications, 2008.

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