The message was written with an aim to communicate to club members

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The letter was written with the intention of reminding club members that there was a meeting that they wanted to attend. This conference was devoted to resolving a dispute that had arisen in the club. The club had scheduled a road trip, but the patron postponed the date and time to an undisclosed time. As a result, all members were to be notified by holding a conference, which would relieve the friction in the club.
The message was structured with a heading, main body, and conclusion. The memo’s recipient, as well as its source and intent, were all stated in the heading. The body had the introduction section to the subject, the recommendation, and the conclusion. The closing segment had the finalization of the message, which was being communicated to the audience.
The received response was that all the club members attended the meeting, but they were furious of the change of date. As such, they engaged in a lengthy debate of when the trip should be rescheduled to since they were eagerly waiting for the day.
When writing this message again, several things would change. As such, the organization of the message would be that there is a heading segment, the segment of opening the memo, the context section, task segment, a segment having a summary, a discussion segment, and closing segment. This would make the memo very presentable to the club members. Further, the memo would be left justified and single spaced instead of being double spaced. There would be also skipping of lines to separate paragraphs rather than using indentations. Furthermore, the message would be made easy to read and very concise.

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