The illuminated manuscript

The illuminated manuscript manufacturing process

The illuminated manuscript is manufactured from animal skin that has been specifically prepared for parchment production. To release the animal's hair, the skin was immersed in lime water for 3-10 days. After scraping away any leftover fresh hair, the skin was washed in fresh water to remove the lawn. The fabric was then stretched and scraped to the desired thickness with a special knife. Before it was written it was prepared and dusted to make the surface receptive to ink and colors.

Pigments, binder, support, ink, and writing materials used

What pigments/binder/support/ink/writing materials used

The vibrant illuminations often overshadow the written content on the manuscript. The tool used to prepare the illuminated manuscript was a pen made of feather made from heated sand. The ink used to write the manuscript was made from gall-nuts was used to create a dark ink. Black ink was made by dissolving carbon in water.

The process of writing and illuminating the manuscript

Before commencing writing on the manuscript, the scriber ruled the parchment. After finishing writing the parchment, an illuminated was used to decorate the page of the manuscript using paint and scrap metal after sketching the design. Gold leaf was used to decorate the page. A mixture of colors was used in the finalization of the illumination.

The meaning of the copied texts

Meaning of the copied texts

According to what have been deciphered, the text on the manuscript is about a popular private devotion in the Netherlands. The text is a collection of prayers for Christian devotion. Specifically, the text is a reflection of prayers of the owners.

Lesson learned from the manuscript

Lesson learned from the manuscript

Every manuscript was prepared through a laborious process. The materials used were expensive because the manuscript had gold leaves and special colors. The overall lesson learned from the manuscript is that under care, the illuminated manuscript could last for centuries.

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