The Gig Economy

In the Gig Economy

In the Gig Economy, freelance employment or short-term contracts take the place of permanent positions. From a nonpartisan standpoint, it implies working in a workplace that allows for flexibility in terms of the amount of hours worked and the rate of remuneration. Payment is made for each gig performed in the gig economy, such as product delivery or freelancing. It does not include a regular salary or a certain number of hours worked. At the moment, it is believed that many individuals work in this form of economy. Jobs include video production, couriers, and ride-hailing. The goodness of this kind of economy is that people can benefit from the flexibility since they can control the amount of time they work and can manage other life priorities. It also benefits the employers since they pay only for the work done and need not incur the cost of keeping staff when there is no job. This paper discusses the reasons for the increased change in a gig economy. It will also present how I can personally contribute to this kind of economy.


Gig workers are individual workers who are hired on demand through the digital marketplace to complete a task or project. The individuals who depend on this mode of economy alone to earn their living must always continually look for gigs, meaning they also juggle multiple jobs at a given time. According to BLS data, gig workers could be in alternative or contingent employment arrangements. Alternative include independent contractors, workers provided by contract firms or temporary agencies of help and on-call workers. Contingent workers, on the other hand, are those that do not have an open or implied contract for a lasting engagement (Torpey & Hogan, 2016).

The factors that contribute to change the gig economy

The factors that contribute to change the gig economy include a highly mobile society and the power of the internet. Since the trend of gig work is highly spreading throughout several industries, most people are likely to be independent contractors or have second jobs by 2020 (Torpey & Hogan, 2016). The willingness of an individual to participate well in this type of economy is also of great importance. If contracts jobs were just available and no one is willing to take them, the economy cannot develop. Among the changes that have been predicted for the gig economy this year is the fact that a good percentage of people are willing to do any available additional work to earn more income. This fact is what will continually enhance the advancement of the gig economy even in the years to come (Dishman, 2017).

My contribution to the gig economy

Personally, one way in which I can contribute is through selecting the best talent from the large pool available around me. Currently, the gig economy is composed of a large variety of roles, including the senior positions like information technology, accounting, and finance. Getting involved in where I am talented in will enhance my resourcefulness in this economy. The reason is that I believe my passion is where my talent is, and I will do the work with all my might. I believe the effort I will put in will translate to great achievement, something desirable for the economy.

Another thing is by choosing from among the temporary jobs and projects available all over the world. Speed and agility in identifying what I can do best and the projects that need to be done and responding on time will be of great importance to the economy. I will also commit myself fully and be willing and ready to take as many jobs as I can handle. My determination and dedication will come from the need to pursue what pleases me as I earn more money, thus building a better future for myself. In the process, I will have contributed greatly to the gig economy.

Balancing my work-life regarding when, where and for how long I work on a given day, week or month is also a positive thing. Having a good program will enable me to channel my energy to the appropriate tasks that enhance the success of what I do. The fact there are several opportunities available at my disposal will help me in choosing the best of all. In this way, I will be happy with what I am doing rather than just doing for the sake of earning money. This balance also means that I will be able to reduce all the pressures that result from too much straining. Through this way, I will preserve my energy and apply it appropriately to the development of the gig economy.


Dishman, L. (2017). How the gig economy will change in 2017. Fast Company. com. Available at: https://www. fastcompany. com/3066905/the-future-of-work/how-the-gig-economy-will-changein-2017.

Torpey, E., & Hogan, A. (2016). Working in a Gig Economy. Bureau of Labor Statistics: United States Department of Labor, Retrieved December 2nd.

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