The Federalism-National Government

Federalism and Power Distribution

Federalism is where two branches of government organize a society where citizens hold the same power in a geographical region. The central and regional stages are a clear example of this. When there is the separation of jurisdiction, the ideals of federalism as delineated in the constitution are. It was found to be the most professional way of governing the administration, despite the fact that federalism was never quantified in the constitution. It was the state's duty to run the full scope of laws, elections, and city government as it comes to the separation of powers. They also had the responsibility to ratify the changes to the constitution. The Congress, in this case, was not allowed to do anything regarding the state, mainly when it is legal. It means that the Regional government had more power than the state.

Case of Maryland verses McCulloch

In the case of Maryland verses McCulloch, the Supreme Court of law governed the Central Government because it had sovereignty over the Regional Government. This is what made it the next bank in the U.S (Baltimore) to start paying taxes through the government of Maryland. However, the bank chose not to pay taxes, and so funds were instead taken by James McCulloch who was working as the cashier of both the Central government and the bank.


Despite the fact that the decision of the case was not printed in the constitution, the government had enough power to do what was necessary to the Nation. This means that they had the ability to deny paying taxes to Maryland. Today, such information is relevant because the National government has authority over the regional government.


McCulloch v. Maryland, Part 1 of 2, from Think well's American Government. (2009, July 14). Retrieved on October 19, 2017, from

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