The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

The Department of Transportation Act of 1966

The Department of Transportation Act of 1966 established this specialized transportation agency (FRA). It was now one of the ten agencies of the United States Department of Transportation concerned with two or more modes of transportation, known as intermodal transportation. This organization's objective is to provide a safe, dependable, and efficient mode of transportation for both people and commodities for the strong United States, now and in the future.

The Federal Railroad Administration

The Federal Railroad Administration was established to manage the United States' railroad transportation infrastructure. Some of the measures the organization was tasked with concerning the rail transport system included to publicize and administer rail safety regulations, govern railroad assistance plans, carry out research and progress in support for railroad safety measures and the national rail transport policy. Also, the organization was put in place to oversee and provide for the restoration of the United States Northeast Corridor rail passenger service. Likewise, its other purpose was to integrate government support for all rail transportation doings taking place in the United States.

Headquarters and Contact Information

Federal Railroad Administration has its headquarters located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The organization can be conducted by writing an email to them. However, the body has several offices assigned specific divisions and are answerable to customer concerns that fall in their areas. Note that these offices have their specific emails where clients can reach them and raise their worries.

Website and Employee Numbers

The website for this particular transport agency can be accessed via the link Currently, the Federal Railroad Administration has a large number of employees, over 50,000 considering that it oversees the whole railroad network system laid in the entire United States.

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

Federal Railroad Administration's budget for the fiscal year 2018 has been estimated to about $76 billion. Plans are that the Department's discretionary programs and the mandatory programs will be funded by almost $16.3 and $59.6 billion's respectively. The planned FY 2018 resources facilitate over 55,229 employees hence the alleged budget.

Organizational Principles and Values

Other important information to note about the Federal Railroad Administration includes its vision which is "Rail - Moving America Forward." Also, other pertinent information to recognize is that the organization operates under specific principles for purposes of efficiency. For instance, the body calls for integrity which does suggest that there are higher standards of ethical conduct within the organization. Federal Railroad Administration further values excellency where it empowers its employee to give concern to important factors such as time. Furthermore, note that the company values safety, innovations, and transparency and accountability. Likewise, the federal railroad administration values engagement. Most importantly, understanding the organizational chart or structure at the Federal Railroad Administration is also relevant.


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