The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The EEOC was established to monitor employees' well-being and to decrease unjust contract terminations (Khanka, S. S. 2007). If I were a Transportation Supervisor at the Stevenson Corporation and asked if Laverna's suspension should be upheld or overturned, I would evaluate a few facts. One, is Larvena a legitimate firm employee with an active contract? According to an internal inquiry, are the claims true? The suspension should stand if the allegations, based on my internal investigations, are untrue, if Laverna's active contract with the company had expired prior to the allegations, if the employee is unwilling to explore other dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and I am certain the allegations would not lead to damages such as compensatory awards or punitive damages. Liquidation of amounts due in the contract and specific order contracts. If the allegations are indeed true; I would advise the suspension to be rescinded and request the employee to settle the matter out of the legal spheres.

Suspending an employee

Suspending an employee is legally accepted. However, there are HR policies and processes that one ought to follow to avoid a scenario in which the Stevenson Company found itself in. According to Khanka, S. S. (2007), the Human Resource policies include documenting performance evaluations, e-mails and other information that support an employee's abuse of the contract, following proper company procedure as developed by the legal team in termination of an employee, giving reason to the employee before termination and contacting the legal advisor. To prevent such an occurrence in the future, I would keep records of employees such as the performance record. Also I would give bonuses to employees to motivate them and avoid absconding duty and also follow all the other HR policies and practices such as training employees on the policies of the company.


Khanka, S. S. (2007). Human resource management. S. Chand Publishing.

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