The differences in parenting styles

Cultures of Parenting

Cultures of parenting vary when it comes to family history and social standing within the family. Unless there are instances of environmental readjustments among the parents in a new community, the traditional parenting styles ingrained in every family tend to endure down the generations. One can learn the contexts of collectivist culture and that of the individualists in any group of society by watching a variety of programs and live events. The two families come from various different backgrounds with both a collectivist and an individualist society. For various reasons, the two parenting philosophies may suggest relative obligations to maintain the stability of the families, which include two elders and two children, ages one and eight. However, swapping duties, in this case, will be a difficult task for the two parents in the trade scenario. The children and the grandparents may fail to cope with the new set of experience on various occasions.

First, the Family with Individualist Culture

First, the family with individualist culture of parenting believes that independence is a significant precedence in the buildup of the family unit as one for the family’s achievement. Contrariwise, the collectivists consider the contributions of the individual members of the society as a way of living. Ideally, the new structure may challenge the two parents based on their previous practices. The eight-year-old kid from the individualist family will focus on personal achievements and rights of the individual displaying high levels of independence and selfishness in the struggle for success demanding no attention. In contrary, the eight-year-old kid from the collectivism is used to focus on the parents and thus will tend to deviate from the regular duties in the event of the parental swap.

Role of the Grandparents

While the individualist family would love to see their children grow as independent subjects in the community, the collectivist will focus on instilling values that allow their children to share and contribute to the growth of the society. In the collectivist family, children interrelate with the children from the other family and perceive them as their group in the trade affair. Such position is evident in numerous cases within the current scenario.

Role of the Grandparents

Interestingly, the purposes of the two grandparents in each scenario also differ in several ways within the households. In individualist, the grandparents show little interest in the progress of the kid since it does not appear to be a group development unlike in collectivist setting where the grandparents regard the growth of their grandchildren as a family issue, failure or success affects them too as a family. In essence, within the collectivist culture, the grandparents tend to bear much impact on the development of the child by providing immediate care to the two children as a way of promoting family lineage and societal growth. On the other, the individualist grandparents allow the children to set their goal and work towards it privately and independently.

Points of Conflict

The context of sleeping will present a significant disagreement among the families upon the swap. The kids from the individualist embrace sleeping in their bed and or rooms while those from the collectivist cult consider family nights as unit events when they sleep together besides their parents and or siblings in the sleeping chambers, no private rooms. Another conflict would arise from the practices of feeding as those from the collectivist background consider interdependence in every aspect of the family as opposed to individualist. These set of conflict will exist because of misunderstanding of context in family beliefs and history.


However, I think the show will end with the new set of families adjusted to the environment. Toddlers can quickly learn and adapt to the new environment when there is the change of guideline from the parental figures.

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