The Culture of Death vs The Culture of Life

Since humans are created in God’s picture, life is incredibly precious to Him. Furthermore, He has shown His deep love for humans by sending His only son to atone for their sins. Christ came into the world so that those who believe in Him could have life and have it abundantly. As a consequence, human life has incomparable worth, and each person is to be regarded with reverence and integrity, a common conviction among believers and non-believers who accept this truth by observing the natural law written in their hearts. However, humanity faces the threats of war and violence which disregards the value of the life. According to the 2nd Vatican Council, human life faces new threats from anything that sets itself up against life. This includes any type of murder, any violation of the integrity of the people, insults to human dignity and any other thing that poisons the human society and dishonors God (Paulus, 3).
In the recent years, progress in science and technology have increased the brought about new threats, and the situation is worsened by public prospects that support this evil by advocating for the rights of individuals and legalization of these crimes. As such, the existence of the human race is at risk since there are so many deaths occurring. Notably, the most vulnerable groups to these offences are women and children, especially the unborn who are murdered while they are in the womb.
Since the church believes that God has given it the responsibility of taking care of human life, it has stood out to condemn these murders and violence. In every country in the world, it has worked to emphasize on the dignity of human life, calling all people to love, respect and protect life in God_x0092_s Holy Name. This is the only way human beings can find justice, peace and joy in their daily life.
Looking back, death, has its origin in the beginning of time after God created all the things that exist. However, God did not create it. Death came through Satan who tempted our first parents into disobedience against God because of envy. The first man to die was Abel who was murdered by his brother Cain. Since then death has been in the world claiming the lives of many people from whom life is violently taken away.
In addition, the society faces the problem of veritable structure of sin which has ushered in the culture of death. This culture is rooted in the political and economic structures of the society which advocate for war against the weak by the mighty unleashing the conspiracy against life. Consequentially, handicapped people and the defenseless are considered as burdens that need to be eliminated.
Since the beginning of time, violence has evolved manifesting in different forms as the year progressed. Traditionally, there was unfair distribution of resources resulting in poverty and wars which brought death. Today, there is immoral sexual behavior, drug abuse and attempts by scientists to interfere with the ecological system.
Likewise, there is attacks on life in its earliest forms through abortion. The state has legalized this crime. Hence, defenseless unborn children are killed in clinics that the state has made available.
In the Old Testament, God reveals Himself as savior for the defenseless when they are oppressed by saving the Israelites from bondage in Egypt. He restored their identity and dignity thus showing His Love for human life. Human beings have a chance of understanding the value of life by looking unto Jesus, the Word of Life. Being immortal, He came from the Father with eternal life for those who have faith in Him. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
The life of man is good since he is the glory of God. As such he was created in Gods image to live forever .Hence The Lord made man to fulfill his purpose on earth through obedience. Since He is the creator, He is the only one with power over man_x0092_s life, deciding when they come to life and when they die.
The pope and the church in general do not support abortion. Life begins in the womb when a woman conceives, and this life is given by God. He forms babies in the womb and has given the parents the responsibility of protecting them. Further, God has given the commandment that (Thou Shall Not Kill(.Therefore abortion is a great crime in the eyes of the creator.
Jesus Christ came to give life in abundance to those who believe. Before going back to heaven, He instructed his disciples to proclaim the Gospel of Life to all nations. Through baptism, Christians accept this gift of life while the sacrament of confirmation gives them the Holy Spirit so that they can enjoy the abundance of the life they received in Christ and also the courage to stand against the crimes that lead to murder.
In conclusion, the deepest roots of the struggle of the culture of life and the culture of death are the efforts by men to attain freedom .in search of this freedom, man loses a sense of the presence of God and morality. This leads to many crimes that threaten the existence of the human race.

Work cited
Joanness Paulus,PP. II,(Evangelium Vitae. To the Bishops Priests Deacons Men and Women Religious Lay Faithful and all People of Good Will on the Value and Inviolability of Human Life(.1995.03.25.

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