The Cultural Values and Gender

Following the awareness that there are negative differences in how they are addressed, gender and diversity concerns have become a key issue in many businesses during the past few years. Only in 2015 was it discovered that women's average annual earnings in Canada were 76 percent of men's earnings (Statistics Canada, 2016). The wage difference was considerably greater in Nova Scotia, where women made only 78% of what males did (Statistics Canada, 2016). The trend occurs despite data showing that businesses that handle challenges related to diversity and gender prosper and are linked to higher consumer happiness, more inventiveness, and greater sustainability. In my organization, Crown Health Care Laundry Services, it is noted that despite the fact that gender and diversity issues are well addressed they can be further improved for the betterment of service delivery and overall stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Targeting and addressing diversity and gender issues is vital to the success of any organization. The appreciation of such factors constitutes a primary way of embracing multiculturalism that will be critical in boosting operations and increasing employee engagement in the business processes. For Crown Health Care Laundry Services, there are diverse ways in which this objective can be achieved to increase. One primary way would be through creating diversity programs and ensuring that they are aligned to the strategic plans of the company (Johnsen, Gallivan, & Boyd, 2012). Defining the goals and determining its scope is vital to ensuring that the qualitative goals are in place for measurement of progress. An alternative way of appreciating both genders would involve the creation of a diversity committee whose role would be to ensure that the leadership led by CEO Don Haferkamp exercises its visible role with transparency. The company can also consider the essence of diversity by engaging productively with the community by ensuring that the employees participate in professional and civic opportunities (Johnsen et al., 2012). Such networking activities will not only improve the image of the company to its potential linen customers but also ensure that the company fosters collaboration.

There are varied ways in which gender and cultural diversity can be appreciated at Crown Health Care Laundry Services. One such key technique would involve the analysis of the marketing strategies that the company uses in its efforts of attracting new customers. Just as any organizations, Crown Health’s primary marketing is aimed at increasing sales with the company website being a marketing tool (Crown Laundry, 2017). It is apparent, however, that the language and imagery issues are not addressed fully to meet the needs of potential customers. It would be benefiting for the image of the company if it would include images of more women and diverse races in the homepage of the website (Statistics Canada, 2016). It would boost the marketing efforts of the firm because it significantly reduces the stereotypes and underscore the message that the company is welcoming to women and diverse nationalities. A complete pay analysis is another crucial way that can be used to embrace gender and cultural diversity. Issues related to wage disparity between the two gender and among different races are common and it is important that Crown Health Care evaluate the compensation plan in place to ensure that there is equity (Statistics Canada, 2016). The move will greatly improve the service delivery and particularly the manner in which the women will engage in promoting linen sales for the customers because there will be less grievances related to wage disparities.

The discussed components would create a positive working environment and substantially increase the levels of employee performance because it would enable the company realize it’s vision and mission as per the set objectives. The benefits that would result from a positive working environment would be derived from the advantages of working in a gender-diverse environment. Such benefits include the attraction and retaining of the best employees in linen manufacture and marketing, retaining of the employee turnover, enhancement of organizational behavior, and the improvement of customer insight and their satisfaction. The manufacturing of linen would also be served a major boost because there will be improved creativity as the employees will be performing optimally. It will also be possible to enhance the overall reputation of the company following the implantation of the stated strategies because it would mean that the firm is focused in ensuring that the employees are productive and working to meet the clients’ needs (Crown Laundry, 2017).

In summary, it is important to underscore that issues related to gender disparities and diversity are increasingly becoming common because they define the success of the company. Varied techniques can be used to promote commitment to diversity including securing diversity program and promoting transparency. For Crown Health Care, the specific methods would mean the analysis of the marketing strategies and restructure the pay process to meet all employees’ expectations. It is expected that there will be more creativity, improved customer satisfaction and enhancement of the company reputation and enable the realization of the company goals.


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