The concept of bodies being historical and biologica

The Concept of Bodies as Historical and Biological

The concept of bodies as historical and biological is an explanation of past causes that explained human existence and enhanced their lives, such as structural racism and health inequalities in the United States. The elected officials, policymakers, journalists, and academics can all be responsible for the inequities that have resulted in bad health. Racism was encouraged through structural racism in healthcare, education, criminal justice, housing, and education. Practices and patterns have reinforced disciplinary attitudes, resource allocation, and beliefs. If structural racism is addressed, then a viable, promising, and concrete method to increasing health equity and population health can be implemented.

Ethnic and Racial Inequalities and the Distribution of Health Services

The ethnic and racial inequalities concerning the distribution of health services explain the historical body traced back to the founding of colonial America. Though the health inequalities are blamed on the poor social conditions of the minorities, the political system played a major role in promoting social discrimination (Bailey et al., 2017). The historical factors affected the biological factors of the body, as social inequalities resulted in worsening the health conditions of the minority groups.

The Study of the Human Body

The study of human body began long ago, where the forensic scientists would determine the cause of death of different people. Through the tests conducted on the dead people, it was possible to determine the factors, which influenced their life such as natural causes of death. These experts conducted political science and social autopsy. Some of the natural causes were rated as heat-related, though not every person would die and be told to have died due to heat. The study of the human body has been conducted for a long period and has evolved over time. However, in the modern society and states, the natural cause of death has been excluded. There are those nations, which do not take social autopsy seriously such as the real players in the today's society and politics. Carrying the autopsy is meant to gain an understanding of the form of life when the person was alive, how they were breathing, the function of the body, and what changes after death. The study of the human body has helped to understand how the social conditions influence the shape of the body and how different bodies have different fates such as the superior and the inferior tribes experiencing differences in their social factors. The superior bodies enjoy the improved health services, while the minority groups are discriminated against, but still, all bodies undergo the same fate after death (Klinenberg, 2013).

Social Disadvantages and Biological Similarities

Socially, the latter are disadvantaged due to structural racism. They enjoy low quality services in comparison to the races that are considered superior. It was mostly in the past where the minority groups were denied high quality services, as the superior races felt that they could not share anything with them. However, the biology of the body is the same, not taking into account whether it is a superior or an inferior race. Autopsy shows that any person can die of natural causes, and it did not choose the minorities over the superior. All had the same fate. In conclusion, though the history of the social conditions of the bodies is different, their biological destination is the same. Despite the minority groups lacking high quality care services due to the discrimination, they all face the same fate after death.


Bailey, Z. D., Krieger, N., Agénor, M., Graves, J., Linos, N., & Baseselt, M. T. (2017). Structural racism and health inequities in the USA: Evidence and interventions. Lancet, 389(10077), 1453-1463.

Klinenberg, E. (2013). Bodies that don’t matter: Death and dereliction in Chicago. Body and Society, 7(2-3), 121-135.

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