"The Combahee River Collective statement.

Combahee River Collective

Combahee River Collective wrote this article. Between 1974 and 1980, it was a black feminist lesbian organization in Boston. The statement is intended to have an impact on black feminism and race social theory in America. The author uses facts from American society to persuade readers of the importance of starting a debate about the concerns discussed in the essay. For example, they use the behaviors of women during the group's three years of existence to back up their allegations. The authors accomplish this by investigating the interactions of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and economy. The primary audience is the Americans who were fighting race, class and sex oppression. The thesis of this statement is freedom for the American men and women. This topic related to modern American politics since Black communities and women still fight for protection against oppression. It also raises similar issues addressed in “Queers Read This” such as protecting and defending human rights.

“Queers Read This.” Published anonymously in 2009.

The author of this article is a Queer; Queers posted the article anonymously. She uses her experience in the society to incite readers to fight for their rights in a society full of injustices. There is evidence of unsafe practices from the government, church, and police, military, and healthcare practitioners. For instance, the author brings out the story of the murder of Ronald Reagan and how he eulogized Ryan White without admitting his guilt. She uses this example to show that the government makes mistakes and the society does not play its role to defend the right of citizens. The author hates what the government does toward the gay and lesbian communities. The author's intended audience is a broad community of different sexual orientation, the issues relate to gay communities. The issue of LGBT rights is a major problem in the current society, and there are laws meant to punish them. The article relates with “The Combahee River Collective Statement” in that they both call for the majority to protect the rights of the minorities in the community.

Fernández-Kelly, Patricia, and Douglas S. Massey. "Borders for whom? The role of NAFTA in Mexico-US migration." American Academy of Political and Social Science. 610.1 (2007): 98-118.

The two authors of this article Patricia Fernandez and Douglas Massey are experienced writers on topics such as International Development, Urban Ethnography, Immigration, and Race. The authors investigate the role of borders created by NAFTA in economics. The authors’ thesis focuses on the connection between economic liberation and migration. The authors use previous documented statement of groups such as Rockefellers in U.S and other institution in America to support their argument. The intended audience is American citizen and researchers who want to understand the effect of NAFTA in modern America. The thesis in this article is important to understanding the actions of the current American president towards trade. Donald Trump has repeatedly shown his interest to terminate or renegotiate the terms of NAFTA. He and other American politics have blamed it for economic degradation in America. Although Fernandez and Douglas do not mention the LGBT and sexism, it brings out the challenge of racism raised by the other two authors in the previous articles.

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