The China Challenge

The Levendary Café is a café in the United States that is performing well among the American people. The café wishes to expand into a new market on a distant continent with a completely different culture: China. Mia Foster, the café's CEO, is quite hopeful about the new business, but she is encountering some opposition from Louis Chen.

Like every new company effort, Levendary Café's foray into China is fraught with difficulties. It has low sales in China (Canvas, 2017) compared to sales in the United States, which can be ascribed to various factors: The preferred menu of the café in America will not be so appealing to the Chinese market and therefore the rate of buying of the foods will be much reduced. Secondly, before the entry of the Levendary café to China, most targeted customers had already got attached to different other cafés and winning their hearts is proving to be a rather difficult task.

Mia Forster should change a few things in the café to fit in in the new market and compete fairly with other competitors: the menu being the first one. The most favorite food for the American market can definitely never been the same in China (Canvas, 2017). This is because of the difference in culture. A change of the menu will ensure profitability.

For a continued action plan in China, the café need to cut down the availability of dairy products since the Chinese take fewer dairy products. Secondly, more local Chinese foods should be offered and this should only be subject to the preference of the target market. Finally, the café should come up with a strategy of doing offers and promotion of the foods they offer in an aim to create awareness to a wider range of customers (Jin, F. E. N. G. 2016).


Canvas, Y. (2017). International entrepreneurship.

Jin, F. E. N. G. (2016). Food Nostalgia and the Contested Time. Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 10(1), 58-85.

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