The case study for Fredrick

The investigation into Fredrick's case is good because it goes into detail about the reading difficulties that children experience, how to conduct an informational reading inventory, and how to interpret the results of the assessment. Despite the fact that the author offers a number of sound logical defenses, I disagree with some of the claims. It is clear from the description of Fredrick's home setting that he does not have the parental and sibling support to develop his language skills. Due to poverty, poor English fluency, and poor practices, the immediate issue with reading challenges is a restricted exposure to bedtime and lap time reading. The latter notably effects Fredrick, which accounts for his difficulties.Dyslexia as the author presents is not a condition that one can determine and establish as a disorder facing a grade 3 pupil at once. Cortiella & Horowitz offers a checklist of sings, which a person has to test frequently with the inclusion of doctor's consultation on the same. One of the symptoms is that the medical expert considers the kid as the one being a 'late talker' and having troubles in saying words accurately (Cortiella & Horowitz, 2015). Additionally, Fredrick had passion and capability in reading Science hence the boy can quickly rule out dyslexia and increase his love to reading in other subjects.

The teaching practices the author utilizes to help Fredrick are the best ones since they involve the use of more than one sense. The process is providing an application of ears, eyes, and touches aiding in the learning process (Trezek & Mayer, 2015). These strategies help a learner to recall what he/she read as it capitalizes more on a practical approach.


Cortiella, C. & Horowitz, S. (2014). The state of learning disabilities (1st ed., pp. 43-50). New York: National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Trezek, B. & Mayer, C. (2015). Using an informal reading inventory to differentiate instruction: Case studies of three deaf learners. American Annals of the Deaf, 160(3), 289-302.

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