the career management

Career management

Career management relates to the practices that individuals and organizations engage into the schedule and maintain their careers. The phase begins with the establishment of basic targets, which can be short, moderate, or long-term. Career readiness, a branch of career growth, must be evaluated on a regular basis. This involves assessing workers' potential as well as ensuring the performance of internal main jobs by trained personnel. Career management is a mechanism that both individuals and organizations engage in (Daley, 2012).

This paper would go into different aspects of career management, such as its significance, career benchmarks, and career mapping.

Career benchmarks

Career benchmarks refer to the activities of determining the competencies which are necessary for job success. This is usually done through comparing a sample of successful individuals or organizations on a specific job with a sample of average and poor performers on the same job. The results of this comparisons are assessed and patterns studied. This helps establish a criterion for choosing the right employees for job positions to ensure the success of an enterprise. Individuals who carry out this process discover the skills they require in order to become more competitive for a job position. During this process, it is important to avoid bias (Daley, 2012). The measures of performance chosen should be efficient so as to ensure that the results obtained are reliable even for future use.

Career Mapping

Career mapping refers to the means for organizations to cultivate internally the professional skills required to achieve the business goals set (Dewettinck & Buyens, 2008). Career maps have detailed information to enable choices based on the available skills and the needs of the company. They facilitate the employers to choose the development paths which lead to the fulfillment of the business objectives. The maps identify key knowledge areas of a profession. A visual representation in form of a pie diagram or a graph is drawn to illustrate the percentage of people in each profession and the skills necessary to be successful.

Importance of Career Management

Career management is essential since it enables identification of career objectives. This is beneficial to an individual as they can realize the areas which need more training thus boosting their skills and qualifications. It is also important for an organization as career management sets the targets it aims to reach thus creating focus and motivation. Additionally, career management in enterprises is applied in the assessment of employee skills to identify which department is suitable for each worker (Dewettinck & Buyens, 2008). It is also used to develop competencies and facilitate internal mobility. Further, career management helps point out areas which need improvement. This may include communication between the seniors and the juniors in the organization and ways of building good relations with consumers.


Career management is a crucial process for both individuals and organizations in order to ensure success and accomplishment of career goals. It includes career benchmarks and career mapping which help identify the skills necessary for success in a profession. This process aids in self-assessment in order to know strengths and weaknesses (Daley, 2012). Career management ensures the goals and objectives set are realistic and attainable; thus, it is useful in goal setting as well. Furthermore, the process helps in action planning. This involves establishing the steps necessary to reach a certain goal. Moreover, resources and professional skills necessary are also easily identified under career management.


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