The Australian paid parental leave

The Australian Paid Parental Leave Program

The Australian paid parental leave program began in 2009, with women receiving a pay during their maternity leave. Long periods of leave have been linked to an increase in cases of high order fertility. This is because they have the right to take extended leaves of up to a year and still be paid. Women with advanced education are entitled to a shorter leave time with better salary. Paid leave increases the likelihood of pregnancy among women over the age of 25. People were asked their opinion on whether they would love to have more children in the times ahead. Most of the people seemed very sure about increasing the number of children in the future. When women get paid leave during maternity leave combined with child care supply and preparation will increase the level of fertility. Fertility intentions grew upwards after the introduction of paid leave and the birth rate has increased since then.

Employment Benefits for Women

When one worker is not active in the job market, it is beneficial for the other one to double the number of hours active in employment. In cases where women whose spouses are retrenched have a chance to be fully employed, hereby increasing their benefits. This practice is available in Australia where it shows that women are more likely to be fully employed where their spouses are out of employment.

Household Strategies during Unemployment

In a household when one of the spouses is not on employment or suffers job loss they may turn to insurance or bank savings. The other partner may multiply her supply of labor. They may also reduce the buying of nonperishable goods and maintain their consumption at a minimum level. The other spouse may also take on extra jobs to maintain a continuous stream of income (Wiley, 2017).


Wiley, 2017. Couples labor supply response to job loss. The Manchester School, vol. 85(6), pp. 99-127.

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