The Anthropologist

The Anthropologist’ is a five-year documentary film directed by Daniel A. Miller, Seth Kramer, and Jeremy Newberger and released in 2015. (George Mason University). Susie Crate and Margret Mead, anthropologists, collaborated on the film with their daughters, Katie Yegorov-Crate and Mary Catherine Bateson. Katie and Susie work with Siberia, the Andes, the South Pacific, and the Chesapeake Bay in the film (George Mason University). Katie and Susie wanted to work with people from these places because they were struggling with the consequences of climate change and global warming, with some showing a desire to leave while others are sought to discover ways in which they could cope with the effects to avoid the relocation process, which posed several challenges, including the social challenges of relocating to new regions.

Mead and Susie used different approaches in collecting data on the effects of climate change and global warming on diverse societies. Mead collected data by analyzing how community confronted the changes that resulted from war and modernity while Susie used sustainability as the central theme in research, teaching, and active service to determine her investigations ( Both Susie and Mead collected their data by visiting the regions that are notably affected by climate change and using techniques such as observations and interviews to collect data from the communities.

The film reflects cases where people are forced to change their traditional ways of life and adapt to new ways to shield themselves from the undesirable effects of global warming. For instance, people living near oceans or large water bodies have had their homes washed away by tides, forcing them to relocate from the ancestral homes to safer locations. The film reflects the way different people react to climate changes; hence, the data collected could be used by modern anthropologists in analyzing and anticipating future solutions to potential environmental changes and threats, such as the water crisis that is expected in 2030 according to the experts featured in the film ( On the other hand, the study presented in the film plays a crucial role in contributing towards the current debates on climate change and global warming, including the impact of the effects of climate change on populations and the approaches that can be implemented to curb the effects. The study can thus be transformed to device lasting and effective solutions to the threat of global warming by such international organizations as the United Nations among others.

Works Cited “The Anthropologist – World Premiere Featuring Dr. Susan Crate | Environmental Science And Policy | George Mason University”. N.p., 2017. Web. 17 Apr. 2017.

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