The American Nurses Association (ANA)

There are nine clauses in the American Nurses Association (ANA) constitution. Regulation 1 mandates, for instance, that nurses exercise compassion and respect for each person's innate dignity, worth, and distinctive characteristics. (American Nurses Association, 2015). All of the specifications put forth stress the nurses' ethical behavior toward the patients and society at large. The main objective of the code of ethics' clause 1 is:

Have regard for the honor of others

the patient relationships

nature's wellbeing.

Rights to self-determination • Interaction with others, including coworkers (American Nurses Association, 2015). After reading the ANA Code of Ethics, one will understand the original commitment for the nurses is always intended to taking maximum care for the patients, population, or community. Therefore, if nurses adhere or work by the requirements in the code of ethics, they will provide services efficiently since they will have to make sure that they protect the privacy rights as well as confidentiality (American Nurses Association, 2015). Without the protection of such reasons, it is impossible to respect the human dignity.

3. The ANA Code of Ethics is of great importance, especially for the nursing students. First, it natures these students such that they become conversant with the ethical standards required in the nursing field. Second, a nurse may apply such ethics in their clinical experience. For example, provision two states that the primary commitment of a nurse is to the patient (American Nurses Association, 2015). Therefore, a nurse may apply such knowledge by only giving the diagnosis results to just the relevant people to practice the primacy of the interest of the patients.

Part II

1. Both ANA, NSN, and the ICN are nursing association that provides ethical codes in the nursing profession. However, the three bodies have similarities and differences as well. The main similarity between amongst the three is that all the regulations primarily focus on the patients’ interest such that the human dignity is respected (Pinch, Haddad, & American Nurses Association, 2008). Contrarily, when it comes to differences, both ANA and ICN are not students’ association but rather nursing organizations. Therefore, the NSN has different roles compared to the other two. For example, the NSN provides a bill of rights as well as the responsibilities for nursing students while the other two bodies only provide responsibilities for nurses.

2. In all the ethical codes, it is established well that sick individuals have substantial short life expectancies as well as more illness compared to the rich. However, such inequalities are not discussed using the healthcare differences or from the individual health behaviors (Fowler, & American Nurses Association, 2015). Apparently, such health disparities are linked to the structural differences in all the ethical codes. Such differences include employment, income, working conditions, education, housing, security, food, environment, and social inclusion.

3. However, all the mentioned nursing ethical codes are of great importance as well as help in the nursing career. Therefore, they will assist the nurses to advocate for the patients’ rights, diligently maintain the confidentiality of patients in all respects, despite the medium or method of communication. Also, they help in applying the appropriate measures in ensuring the patients’ safety including the security of others and provide timely care for the patients in a compassionate, culturally sensitive, professional, and competently (Fowler, & American Nurses Association, 2015). As a result, the guiding code of ethics promotes leadership as well as excellence in nursing through encouraging long run learning as well as a continuing education and professional development among other critical aspects.


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