the american dream

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The American dream, a long-standing vision, reflects the hope that through hard work and commitment, one will achieve political strength, economic prosperity, and endless love. During the Roaring Twenties, people put up masks to hide who they really were. Fitzgerald conveys in Great Gatsby that the American dream is a fictitious and idealistic illusion. Jay Gatsby, a rich anarchist, pursues his fantasy, Daisy, in the book (Fitzgerald 32). Throughout the process, he lost himself by betraying his principles.
To a larger point in The Great Gatsby, the American dream has become the American nightmare. The green light symbolizes Jay’s dreams and hopes, particularly in Daisy, an illusion that gradually takes control of him. The dream of Gatsby was initially pure, but during the process of pursuing it, the vision was tainted. He longed and yearned to change Daisy into a god in his mind five years after meeting her (Fitzgerald 37). The real memories and dreams started to fade over time. After winning her love, Gatsby expected too must of Daisy, resulting in her feeling pressured and distressed. Through the use of symbolism, relationship, and expectations, by Fitzgerald examines the American dream, and how it is an illusion that destroys and corrupts lives.

Gatsby’s dream became corrupted and resulted into his destruction and ultimate failure. Americans struggled to reach the perfection which is an impossible goal. They did unimaginable things to achieve it. Whatever they did, they termed it as their American dream (Fitzgerald 83). This concept can be viewed as a substantial perfection. It does not exist in reality; however, the illusion does instead. The ones living in a world of lies create their demise. What life is made up of is unending imperfections. Perfection does not exist, thus diminishing American dream to mere fantasy.

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