Term Limits in America

Term Limits for Members of Congress

Term limits refer to the number of terms that an officeholder is allowed by the law to serve. Whether term limits should be imposed on the Congress or not has become a debatable topic in America. I think that term limits should be imposed on members of Congress. As a result, it will help the committee to form informed and fair decisions since expertise and merit be used to determine Congress’ assignments. Also, the congressional staff will be forced to serve their constituents since they will get out of office and go back to these constituents (Weeks, n,p). Consequently, interest groups that wish to join the Congress will be result-oriented because if they get elected, they will be in office for a short duration of time. Additionally, the executive branch which includes the president will be more effective in their service to the nation since members of Congress will be more productive in forming laws that will ensure the well-being of the country.

Influence of Abraham Lincoln

I think that Abraham Lincoln is the most influential president in America. He was a man of integrity and was committed in his course. Also, Abraham Lincoln’s accomplishment shows his strength as a president. For instance, he was able to abolish slavery (Chambers " Henry, n.p). However, George W, Bush was the weakest president in America. During his time, America went to war with many nations such as Iraq. Also, he was known to use military force to enforce his will in America which caused a lot of deaths. Additionally, during his presidency, George W. Bush’s policies lead to the great recession that was experienced in America. Finally, he was against the civil rights of LGBT which made him unpopular among most Americans.

Works Cited

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