Taking a Class in U.S. Electronic Media

I comprehend the fundamental concept that a student can attain in an electronic media class in the United States. Everything we do or say in the media online has a real and physical impact on the internet. Whatever we do, whether it's tweeting on Twitter, publishing a photo on Instagram, or clicking links on Facebook, leaves some of our own and lasting digital fingerprints. Throughout the introduction to US Electronic Media class, I received the impression that my perspective on the media sector was improving. I have grown up using the cell phones, computers, connecting to the internet, blogs, and social media. I comprehensively took pleasure in learning of the development of legislation surrounding the digital media communication that was designed in parallel with the digital environment itself. As a learner studying critical communication, I have the belief that it is imperative to remember the key events in the past that have shaped the large technological environment we live in (Campbell, Martin, and Fabos 2).

So as to further my skills and learning in this field, I have the plan to begin a personal blogging site via WordPress to write issues. In addition, I am planning to follow other bloggers who deal with issues that are of relevance to my life as a college student. I have the belief that this will enable me to develop the "digital identity" that I will translate into my professional life and career. I have a passion for social media hence I use them to advertise services for the small company. With a perfect working environment, I look forward to working with a PR agency or Ad after graduating from college (Emmerson 30).

I think it is very imperative for anyone looking to enter a professional industry to understand that the ever evolving world is stirring towards tech almost every way, where the internet is useful for many careers. The bottom line is that the media environment is constantly evolving, and thus, the media professionals have to change periodically as well. I believe that the course is relevant for any student to take, regardless of their age (Campbell et al.2).

In my personal scholar career or professional career outside of the U.S., studying in the U.S Electronic Media class is tremendously applicable in almost every field. I enjoyed learning about media economy and the digital marketplace, thus, this is something that I will take in the future in my work. I undertook the course hoping to get the insight into the United States digital media as a whole; I am confident with the knowledge that I have gained throughout the course. I would enormously commend this class to any Communication or Marketing scholar as it will help them attain the enhanced understanding of how ideas are spread and influence everything online. Nearly on every enterprise or at a personal level, communication takes place in the digital setup, and that is critical to stay ahead in any profession, and that is the reason I find the course in the U.S Electronic Media class relevant (Emmerson 31).

Works Cited

Campbell, Richard, Martin, Christopher R., and Fabos, Bettina. Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age. 9th edition Vol. 2015 Update, Boston, MA: Bedford/St Martin's, 2014. Print.

Emmerson, Simon, ed. Music, electronic media, and culture. London, UK: Routledge, 2016.

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