SWOT Analysis of Jasper Gardens Nursing Home

The firm's use and then the generation of profit because it is used by the community.

The company is energy independent since there are onsite generators that allow normal operations to continue even when there is no power (Green, Shahab & Straus, 2017).

Outpatient rehabilitation services are covered by commercial insurance or Medicare Part B.

Jasper nursing home's healthcare services are covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

Jasper Nursing Home is conveniently located near the approved highway and medical companions.

The communication route with the workers is weak, as evidenced by staff complains about unfair leave regulations.

The firm is limited to small staff since it works on slim financial margins.

The flat management structure the organization is in.

Physician and nurse turnover issues.


The possibility of the market growth in relation to the insurance covers expansion.

Through the collaboration with other organizations, there is a plan to allocate private rooms for the inpatient hospice care.

Together with the Osteopathic Medical center, the organization is planning for telepath programs to ensure better accommodation for the hospitalized patients (Green, Shahab & Straus, 2017).

The availability of 65 acres of land available for expansion.

In an effort to generate maximum revenue, Jasper Nursing Home has a plan to expand the provision of outpatient services.


Creation of exclusivity contracts by the Health Maintenance Organizations.

Establishment of other premises within Jasper by physician groups.

The plan of OHA to expand into Jasper is posing a threat (Kane, & Abrahamson 2016).

Effects of the regulations by the government on deregulation of protective state on the operations of the firm.


Green, J. C., Shahab, S., & Straus, L. (2017). YouTube Enhanced Case Teaching in Health Management and Policy. Health Professions Education.

Kane, R. A., & Abrahamson, K. (2016). Housing and Assisted Living Issues for Non-Medicaid Nursing Home Residents Returning to the Community. Seniors Housing & Care Journal, 24(1).

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