sustainable approaches taken by Amcor

You consider it relevant to address Amcor's sustainable approaches for your customer (100-200 words)
• 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Amlite Ultra, Amcor Rigid Plastics Pandora (PEC) should be used for packaging. • How the organization deals with environmental problems and concerns should also be simple for customers, i.e. not detrimental for consumers.
• How the organization deals with environmental problems and concerns should also be simple for customers, i.e. not detrimental for consumers. Waste management is essential, methods of control should represent boundary ethics and human health awareness. The waste should be sensible and applicable on the landfill intensity. The company managed to work on the GHG concentration, Water intensity methods, and strategies.• Social impact goals, such as diversity and inclusion issues and engaging the work force in the enterprise, human rights protection, and sound labor practices. Amcor has set aside the Global Safety Committee to monitor the safety performance, employee health issues, shares practices across the business, in addition to addressing the security trends within the organization. Ethical issues should be adequately addressed. Ethics is a fundamental matter that needs proper recognition in any business. Amcor’s packaging sustainability considers the entire value chain including working with partners to determine and act on the social, environmental and economic opportunities throughout the life cycle of a product.3.2 1.2Identify, interpret and analyse the available options for beverage packaging in at least three different regions and then present your information in a comparison table. (200-300 words).According to statistical reports, the universal demand for beverage packaging marketplace was evaluated at USD 108.4 billion in 2015; the value is predicted to raise to USD 138.7 billion in 2021 (Amcor Company Website). Packaging holds a significant part in the beverage trade. The benefits have led to an increased demand for the beverage packaging solution, in addition to the fact that Amcor is a member of the World Food Program. There are many different rigid and flexible beverage packaging containers available for the producers including cans, pouches, bottles which can be plastics or glass, and lined paperboard cartons (Amcor Company Website).Region Beverage packaging optionAnalysisNorth AmericaBottles, Can, and plastics Plastics are prepared by the polyaddition of monomers. They are preferred Because of their fluidity and molder ability, flexible and chemically resilient. In addition, plastics are low-priced, inconsequential with a variety of physical and optical qualities. The main drawback of plastics is their adjustable penetrability to gases, light, vapors, and molecules. The Amcor company realized the best sales in North America in 2015 with a market percentage of 43% (Amcor Company Website) EuropeCartonCarton packaging allows the fluids to retain color. Texture, taste and nutritional value without the requirement for preservatives or refrigeration for up to 12 months. The combination of the aseptic processing and packaging reduces wastes, makes distribution coefficient. The company realized market sales of 20 % by the use of the carton packaging(Amcor)South AmericaGlassGlass is recyclable an advantage it has over other packaging materials. They maintain the beverages fresh for a long time without interfering with the taste. Different glass colors protect the contents which are light sensitive. However, glass is very brittle and can easily break. According to the Amcor performance in 2015, the company made a profit of about 15% on its beverage sales in this region(Amcor Company Website) 3.3 3 Where can your client seek assistance of specialist experts if required, to interpret, analyse and synthesise required information? (200-300 words)There are many ways and places that clients can seek specialized expert pieces of advice. Firstly, the internet is a great resource for finding expert advice, to help in the analysis of information. There are many scholarly articles, journals, and books that can help in providing the required information online. When searching the internet for resources and materials, the client should be advised accordingly on ways to gauge the credibility of the information acquired. The information should be recent and up to date. Secondly, seeking assistance from specialist’s consultants, they are short term advisors who are hired for their tactical expertise in particular areas including information analysis, and synthesis. When selecting and vetting a consultant, the client should be helped or recommended to those who have competence, skills, and knowledge in the required field. The company consulting should be able to supply documentation which can allow the client to trace their steps if necessary to solve the problem or duplicate the information in future. Consultants typically charge hourly hence the customer is advised to rate and negotiate their payments accordingly. Thirdly, the client can find expert assistance in books and seminars. Books, articles, and journals provide highly rated information that can help the customer in information interpretation, analysis, and synthesis. Seminars are places where a lot of information can be obtained; the places are attended by experts and highly skilled individuals who are competent in their fields, hence, can help in the interpretation of the information from the client. Commissioning strategies to motivate, support and encourage clients is a crucial responsibility of the support person.Works CitedAmcor Company Website. 2017, Accessed 8 August 2017Boog, Christopher. "The Laws Governing Interim Measures in International Arbitration." Conflict of Laws in International Arbitration, Dec. 2000, pp. 409-458. Druzin, Bryan "Opening the Machinery of Private Order: Public International Law as a Form of Private Ordering". Saint Louis University Law Journal, 2014, vol. 58, pp. 452–256.Fund, International Monetary. "By-Laws, Rules and Regulations." By Laws, Rules & Regulations, 2006, n. p.Kerner, Andrew, and Jeffrey Kucik. "The International and Domestic Determinants of Insider Trading Laws." International Studies Quarterly, 2010, vol. 54, no. 3, pp. 657-823.

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