Student feedback

Students provide feedback to the professor via the Assignment Tab in the course shell rather than on-site during a meeting in the paper that was evaluated.

Always begin your essay with the term "introduction" if you want to get good grades on it. It is a component of the APA style. Ensure to include introduction when beginning your paper, in order to introduce your audience on what you want to write about. It should be brief and detailed to capture the overall picture of the thesis.

2. a in the Thesis statement is not clearly indicated, in the introductory paragraph, but the opening paragraph has provided information on what is to be discussed. Good work on that part. Every essay should have a thesis statement as part of the introduction; the thesis statement will show the reader that you have a firm-stand or understanding on what you are writing about.

3. Describe and of an of the be be one or Vague description of the background information, with the less supporting argument (average). Provide an overview and general idea(s) can be statistics, theories, quotes etc. revolving around your topic and elaborate on challenges based on the latter.

4. etc.) and for be ortwo (1- Good examples provided but the explanation lacks coherence with the thesis statement.

(fairy good) Sentence should be formulated in simple manner; characterized with flow of ideas and thoughts to ensure the reader understand the concept and ideas being communicated or explained in your writing.

5. and for beone or (1-2) It is a summary of general problems and ideas; it lacks detailed and specified facts to support the thesis. Too much wordiness in the paragraph. (But the approach was good) Flow of ideas should be detailed and ensure coherence of ideas with corresponding examples. This ensure the reader understand and follows your line of thought and flow of ideas. And punctuate properly to reduce wordiness (long sentences) in the paragraph.

6. etc.) and for be ortwo (1-2) The third paragraph not been written. Third paragraph should have been included to increase word count, which is less for a standard two page paper.

7. Use effective transitional words, phrases, and sentences throughout the paper. General punctuations and use of transitional words was fairly good. Kindly note Use of phrasal verbs in essay should be avoided to earn you high marks. Phrasal verbs are discouraged in essay writing in order to maintain a professional tone. Increase vocabulary to avoid repetition of words and study sentence construction to know how to create a transition sentences in an essay.

8. a that a A sub heading to indicate "conclusion'' should be indicated; the last paragraph is assumed as a conclusion because it provides a synopsis of the overall topic being discussed. Good work on that.

Sub heading should be outlined and bolded, to guide the reader when reading, a general overview of the topic has been provided.

Conclusion and introduction should constitute ten percent of total word count on every assignment.

9. Develop a coherently structured paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion The paper lacks coherence and organisation; there is no introduction, subheading title for the body and conclusion. Every academic paper should be formatted in the write manner, for APA the title (introduction) comes first followed by Body outlined with subheading (depends on word count of the paper) and finalizing with a conclusive (conclusion) summary.

Study APA 6th Edition on formatting.

10. Support at (3) Center. Reference is not done right.

Referencing should not be difficult because it's a standard outline, once understood it will be easy to apply. Take time to study different referencing styles. The word "reference" should be centered.

The references should be in ascending order and hanging on one side.

Names/sources of the journal article in the reference should be in italic. For further information check APA 6th Edition on referencing

11. Other The tone of the essay was good, but avert use of passive voice when writing an academic paper; ensure to use active voice in your work. To Your writing is average but there is room for improvement by enhancing your grammar and continuous practice on essay/thesis writing.


The essay was fair tackled, with well elaborated examples. With improvement on grammar, formatting and style, which is easy to learn, this will equip the student with a great ability to handle essay papers with ease.

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