Strategic Planning in IT

In today's world, many risks have been made available to commercial companies, particularly in their information and data management systems.

There are several persons sniffing around for specific information about a given organization or enterprise.

As a result, any commercial company must safeguard its data.

On this premise, our proposal proposes to provide a data security method that will aid in the resolution of cyber dangers related to password attacks.

It will propose how such dangers should be addressed and how they should be handled, as well as provide evidence of how such an approach has previously been applied.

To be successful today in the business sector, one has to take note of how they protect their data security system.

Without strong security to your business information, there is the likelihood that the business will die due to the permanent loss of money and trust of customers.

This will result in losing the needed revenue to operate the firm hence its collapse.


In data threats of business, there are three types of password security attacks that most companies experience.

One of these attacks is the brute force attack.

This kind of a threat is where a hacker uses scripts of various computer programs to try to get access to the information.

Here, there usually use the easiest words to guess the password.

Another type of password attack is the dictionary attack.

In this attack, the hackers try to log in using a combination of common words.

Lastly, keylogger attack is another attack that where the hackers track all the keystrokes, the users have used to try to get access.

Problem Description

There are a lot of past research papers which addressed the concept of the need for strong security in a business environment so as to ensure enterprise continuity.

One of such studies is the research paper done by scholars such as Pat Conroy, Anupam Narula, Frank Milano, and Raj Singhal.

In their studies, these scientists hypothesized that for a business to prosper and continue serving its purpose in the market it must put a lot of efforts in securing its data.

Consumer product executive is tasked with the responsibility of viewing security and privacy of its data, not as a risk management problem but as one of the sources of competitive against its rivals whose data are not protected and scared away its customers.

Furthermore, these scholars asserted that data privacy comprises of a lot of aspects other than keeping hackers away from accessing the organization's data.

However, this research paper failed to point out how to outline things the companies need to do to secure their data.

Besides, it does not also show how companies fail to understand and comprehend the true threats against their data and come up with a comprehensive information security system.

On the other hand, when compared to research conducted by SG Maritz, the first research paper is less detailed.

In Maritz's paper, he first provided the readers with the importance of managing and securing their data from outsiders.

Again, this researcher stipulated the need for any business organization to stop using traditional file system and adopt new technology since technology brings a lot of continuity in the business.

However, he said that with new technology an organization could manage to secure its database system accurately so as to reduce redundancy and inconsistencies which may result in sharing of crucial information which is not worth sharing with the unauthorized party.

However, a research study carried out by Chief Technology at Atlantic BT security solution, Ulf Mattsson reveals a lot about what it takes to secure organization data.

This paper is much detailed than the previous two studies.

Ulf Mattsson provides companies with the knowledge they require in a systematic approach to data protection.

When compared to Maritz and the study carried by Pat Conroy, Anupam Narula, Frank Milano, Raj Singhal, Mattsson's research provide detailed information on what an organization should do to protect its top-secret information from people who are not required.

Some of the issues raised by this study include, a company coming up with masking, strong encryption and hashing their data.

However, this study also fails to touch on the biggest mistakes made by the organization with information and data security.

Research carried out by the president and chief analyst at Technology Alignment Partners Company; Tom Petrocelli revealed that business organizations need to do a lot in protecting their data so as to ensure business security through gaining customers trust and loyalty.

He stated that there is a good reason for an organization to devote most of its efforts in protecting its data.

Some of the reasons are to minimize financial loss, helps in maintaining high levels productivity and complying with set rules and regulation together with meeting customers' expectations.

It is crucial for a business enterprise to see that its employees are only trusted with that information which even they share with other people cannot bring a breach of contract between it and law plus its customers.

As such, only trusted employees especially top officials who will be accountable to the leakages of the information should be given full access to such valued secret of the organization.

Just as other research papers, this study failed to look at some important aspects of what need to be taken into consideration to ensure proper data security and continuity of business operations.

It did not provide what type of infrastructures the organization needs so as to put unauthorized parties at the bar from accessing its information.

Again, it did not explain how an organization should implement its information security system thus leaving gaps for new studies to be carried on the missing information.

Gerad Hoyt in his studies about the importance of data security looked at the disastrous impact of data breaches which comes from poorly managed data information providing unauthorized people with information they should not access.

However, this scholar explained what an organization needs to secure its data.

One of the things an organization needs to possess is choosing the right data center.

Having a secure data center equipped with remote storage is very crucial.

He further gave a list of what an organization needs to do.

For example, building and maintain a secure data network, ensuring information policy is properly implemented within a company, implementation of strong access-Control measures and regularly testing and monitoring networks.

Just as it was in the other studies, this research paper failed to point out what steps an organization needs to take to secure its data.

Its content revolved around choosing the right data center; it did not provide how an organization should implement its information security.

It did not tell ways in which an organization can limit failures that may come from poor data security.

Therefore, among the five research studies looked at, there are some elements which have been left pending thus leaving some gaps leading to new research.

Cyber Threat to Resolve

This study aims at solving two main cyber threats to a business organization; password attacks.

My Approach to Cyber Defense

To address this problem, I recommend an organization to use strong passwords which are hard for any other person to guess and get access to the information.

This would mean using combinations of lower and upper case letters, numbers together with symbols.

Furthermore, the password fields should be masked so that nobody can read the password even when an authorized person is entering the passwords at their presence.

I will also recommend that any organization that needs to secure its data should practice changing their passwords regularly.

As such, when an unauthorized person gets access to the older person they will not get to see the information thereby tightening the security of business information.


My approach to keeping attackers at bay was proved by past case studies of organization which has experienced brute force attack on their passwords.

One characteristic of such attacks is using keywords which are likely to be utilized by the organization.

This approach was also proved to be working for other companies which had lost their information due to manipulation by unauthorized persons through who may have used dictionary attacks and keylogger attacks.

Therefore, providing them with these approaches help them to keep their data security safe and secure.


This project makes a lot of contribution to numerous business organizations.

For example, when it is correctly applied by an organization, risks associated with loss of money are lowered.

The project can help an enterprise to earn customers trust and loyalty since people are usually cautious of the information especially those that may lead to leakages of their credit card information.

Therefore, when such data are secured a lot of customers will stream into the business giving it to continue operation for an extended period than those companies with weak data security.


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