Statement of Purpose

I have always had a distinct predisposition for maths since the first day of elementary school. When we were taught about the Pythagorean Theorem in primary school, I was so fascinated that I spent the following week scrutinizing the triangular shadows cast by objects looking for material contradiction or validation, excited by the idea that I could manipulate objects to change the shapes of their shadows, and the theory behind this is still held today. My passion and enthusiasm in mathematics, particularly its application, never faded, and when I began my associate's degree, I affirmed that I would pursue and major in mathematics.

Application of math in our daily lives can never be debated. People need math in almost everything they do May it be from shopping, putting ingredients in food, budgeting selling shops among many other things. In fact, every aspect of life one can think of one somehow needs mathematics. Whenever I think of how math is important in our lives, I just end up loving it even more. However, as an academic student pursuing mathematics, I have learned that application of math is wide than just the basic application. Math is important to overall science, art, engineering, business, and economics among many other disciplines.

One time in high school I visited a government research origination where we were to observe what it takes to do a research and find a solution. After showing the various process in the institute, the person who was facilitating our trip told us that he had some present for that student who will answer some specific questions he had. The questions revolved what we saw and some application of critical thinking regarding what we saw. Among all students, I managed to answer all the questions asked, and I won a helmet that I still keep up-to-date. After the trip, my math teacher told me that my interest and commitment to mathematics are what have helped me understand the demonstrations and explanations that were being given on that trip. He said to me “if you can master mathematics then you can comprehend just about anything in your life. Whether that statement is true or not, it did have a positive impact, and I took it as a golden message.

Mathematics can help me understand and solve many problems involving science and engineering. In Depayal, the town that I come from would certainly need the various mathematical skills to transform it to be a modern city that one is proud of. This town has a great potential regarding resources, but so far there has been the little extraction of these resources since there is a limited number of people with skills and knowledge to extract the resources. I hope that when I complete my desired course, I will be in a better position to give back to my town and play an important role transforming to be a big city like the one I see in developed countries.

I believe I have taken the important fast step by completing by associates of science where I have gathered enough necessary foundations in mathematics. A chance to major in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin would be all I need considering the great reputation the school has gathered over the years especially in the math department. Most mathematics major graduates I have talked to have explained how they have been transformed through quality learning at this prestigious university and I have no doubt this is my dream university that can assist me in growing my mathematics knowledge. The facilities, location, culture, mission, and motto of the school are all in line with the principles that I have to believe in since I was born and I feel this institution can be another home for me to grow. I know I still have a long way to go, but I believe this institution can shape me to one of the greatest mathematicians like I have always dreamt.

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