Stages of Relational Escalation

Tom and Terry: A Comparison of their Romantic Relationship

Tom is my best friend, and he seemed to have been wedding to Terry last week. As a good friend of ours, he shared virtually every other event from the meeting with Terry at college to the exchange of vows last week. I am going to compare their connection with the romantic relational increase.

The Consciousness of Pre-Interaction

The first phase is the consciousness of pre-interaction (Beebe et al. 179) where two individuals, though they might not know, essentially make observations on one another. You prefer to chat with your close friends about your observations on the others. For instance, Tom used to disclose to me, how Terry was beautiful, and how she conducted herself well. Additionally, Tom used to hang around the gate, so that she could just see terry walk out with her friends.

The Initiation Stage

Secondly, there is the initiation stage, where the two partners, make their first contact, and it’s usually characterized by greetings and a few questions. It also opens up the channels of communication (Braithwaite and Baxter 368). The moment is unpredictable, which can make it an awkward moment. Tom made his first move and was able to inquire about terry’s name. They also got to exchange contact details.

The Exploration Stage

The exploration stage involves more interactions between both partners. For instance, they get to visit each other frequently, share life experiences as well as share moments together. Tom and terry interacted with each other for quite some time. They got to visit places along, attend parties together and enjoyed most of their time together. They got to know more about each other regarding likes and dislikes, personal beliefs as well as personalities.

The Intensification Stage

Intensification stage involves the exploration, but more of the intimate side. They got to share moments together in parks, holding hands as they walk and show public intimacy, with time. The last stage is the intimacy stage, where two couples eventually they confirm the other person's self-concept, and additionally, communication between them is highly personalized (Beebe et al. 180). Tom and Terry got along so well, and the various times we shared with tom, I learned that both had fallen in love.

Works Cited

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