Some Like It Hot 1959 Movie Review

Some Like It Hot is a classic American romantic comedy. Starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and George Raft, this classic film is one of the most beloved comedy films of all time. The film is directed by Billy Wilder and also stars Joan Shawlee and Pat O'Brien. Some Like It Hot's screenplay is based on the play Fanfare of Love. It's a story about two musicians who disguise themselves as women and fall in love.Lemmon and Curtis are a great team
Their chemistry is evident in the opening scene, where a policeman chases a hearse carrying dozens of bootleg gin bottles. The two actors immediately become chummy as they cover each other. Curtis, meanwhile, is a playboy who falls for Lemmon and his playgirl Daphne."Some Like It Hot" is a classic sex farce directed by Billy Wilder. It is a wonderful comedy, with Lemmon and Curtis putting on flawless performances. The wit and humour of the dialogue is unforgettable.Wilder's film is a classic
Many consider Some Like It Hot 1959 as one of the best films made by Marilyn Monroe. However, the director Billy Wilder publicly complained that Monroe was "so difficult to work with" and even needed sedatives to sleep. This was despite his claim that Monroe was a superb dialogue actress.Though some would consider this a dark, cynical comedy, it is a farcical comedy with a sophisticated sense of humor. This film stars Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, and Jack Lemmon, all of whom give excellent performances. Director Billy Wilder's skill shows in this film, which features a stunning new transfer.It's a black-and-white comedy
This zany black-and-white comedy follows saxophone player Joe and singer Sugar, who are trying to join an all-female jazz band. Joe and Jerry pretend to be millionaires to win Sugar's heart, but the real millionaire Joe E. Brown is after them. Meanwhile, mobsters are closing in on the sexy singer.The film's success can be traced to the chemistry between the three lead actors and the strong script. The movie is full of one-liners and nonstop action. While some elements of the film are overly crude, others are hilarious.It's a risque comedy
A risque comedy is a film that focuses on sexuality. In Some Like It Hot, Jerry and his friend Joe moonlight as Daphne and Josephine. During their nighttime adventures, they learn a few things about themselves. They discover what it really means to be pervy, and also how to find someone to treat them right.This film was not the first to feature men in drag as a plot device. In fact, there have been dozens of films that have used drag as a plot device, and "Some Like It Hot" is no exception. This film is also a prime example of this genre, and it is a very funny movie. The storyline centers around two Chicago musicians, Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon). They witness the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and decide to leave town, but when they arrive, the only jobs available to them are in an all-girl band.It's funny
Some Like It Hot is a classic comedy, with an unforgettable ending. The cast includes Tony Curtis as Joe, Jack Lemmon as Jerry, and Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane. Although the movie's pacing isn't great, it's funny and gut-bustingly funny.The story revolves around a playboy millionaire who falls in love with a woman named Daphne, played by Marilyn Monroe. The direction by Billy Wilder is subtle but packs every scene with comedic material. This makes for a fast-paced comedy that never lets up.

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