Social perceptions of women and sexuality

It is necessary for contemporary society to reevaluate their attitudes toward women and sex. Other important functions for women in society exist in addition to those that are not directly related to sexuality. Many cultures and religions have imposed chains that rob women of their independence, such as the idea that they should keep themselves virginal and chaste until marriage. Islam, for instance, has very strict restrictions about women while not saying anything about men. Since women are also people, they have emotions and behave in accordance with nature just like all other creatures do. Relating their stature to sex is degrading their image, and in most cases, it discourages them from public participation in activities that might be important for the society and world at large.

For instance, the four by four female successful gold winner, an Indian by origin was terminated from taking her career to greater heights. If it wasn’t an issue of negativity on sexual related issues for women, she would probably have been far. Her termination did not only affect her career but also the young girls that she had mentored. Besides, the economy has continued to lose as a result of superstitions on gender and sexual affairs since governments earn from such sports activities.

Such conclusions have kept women at slightly a lower social status in most aspects of life. Take for instance, at places of work, men especially those in top positions often subject women to sexual harassments simply because they are men, and women, being looked at as instruments of sex are prone to the circumstances. Freeman, in an interview with actress Ellen Page, discovered that there is a high degree of reluctance in the feminine movement among girls. This is attributed to the low esteem women especially the young girls simply because, they need a man to appreciate them, in the line of beauty which is directly linked to sex (Boulton, Bullock and Rosa ). Relating our women to sexuality exposes them to repercussions such as poverty, marginalization, and sometimes death.

Women who have strived to attain certain levels curse the creature of a man. In another interview with Oprah, Freeman reported that she showed no any interests in getting a man to marry. Oprah is quoted relating men to bars, beer shows and exclaims that these are of higher value to her than men. If women were treated equally or even fairly in regards to sexual positions, we would not have ladies like Oprah and Ella having such negative attitudes. However, it is inevitable. Many ladies who have reached such great heights have irritating historical backgrounds that relate to marginalizing and belittlement. In the Bridge Development Gender and Sexuality report, Pinnar, I. & Susie, J. (2007) report various situations that have drawn society’s sexual attitude towards females, and later connote that such cases can be reduced only if gender and equality rights are passed (Ikkaracan).

The attitude towards women has sparked sexual violence in countries such as Iraq, Iran, Congo, Sudan and Sierra Leone due to contemporary conflicts. In these countries that have been war prone for quite a number of years, society does not value the dignity of women. Cases of rape and defilement are on a verge every other day. Soldiers rape women anyhow and less attention is paid to such cases. The whole issue zeros down to the perception that women are there to be used for sexual desires. Another example is found in the Islam culture that gives men allowance to marry four women of their choice as long as they can sustain them. The secret behind this is that the culture values women as of sexual satisfaction, and meeting the desires of a man. On the same wise, in most societies that embrace the Sharia Law, a woman caught or suspected to be sleeping with more than one man is subjected to corporal punishments that at times call for death.

The question as to why men have the freedom to go with more than one woman not regarded as an offence but rather, supported while the other gender deprived of an equal right is quite complex and abstract. If we can have women to work in the top positions of many companies and organizations, and even head men, then there isn’t any reason as to why we should impute laws that bring their legacy and dignity down. Most of the arrangements in the modern society relate women to sex. When advertising any sexual related products, companies look out for the most beautiful women to appear on their packages such that it makes them so enticing for men to buy. Such issues are not only bringing down the image of our women but also culminating sexual immorality in the society.

Conclusively, women have the ability to execute many duties even more than men, but their momentum is turned down by the sexual attitude the society has towards them. Therefore, it is necessary to create a platform over which women can exercise their abilities without being stigmatized. One of the ways of lifting their dignity is advocating for gender equality and sexual rights as these can help protect them from sexual violence and harassment. Athlete departments should provide platforms that do not only examine the masculine character in women but also accept who they are, and how they have been shaped by nature to let them continue and explore greater heights in their careers.

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