Social Media Discussion

The globe has become a small town thanks to social media. People from all over the world can easily communicate with one another. Every time they log into their social media accounts, they also learn something new—social media influences people in various ways. Spending time on social media, looking at people’s photographs, status updates, and opinions, among other things, has had a significant impact on my identity. Personal identity is what defines and decides who you are as a person. Facebook is the social media platform that has had the most impact on my identity because it has altered my style.
Facebook is the social media platform that has influenced my identity by influencing my style, such as fashion. Many fashion bloggers, celebrities, fashion pages posts picture of the current and trending fashion. I like fashion and I usually take advantage of the available fashion trends when I log into my Facebook account. I do not just copy the fashion bloggers and others but this challenges me on how I can have a better and unique fashion. This is after knowing what is up to the fashion. This makes it easier for me to shop. I also always dreamed of owning a fashion page where I will be dealing with women dressing. Besides knowing the latest fashion and using the information to source clothes which will attract customers, I will also make money. People are changing their shopping ways from traditional stores shopping to online shopping. Facebook is greatly enhancing the online shopping. This is because customers and the boutique’s owners can easily interact. I will take advantage of this and use it to understand my customers’ preferences and taste. Apart from influencing my approach to fashion, Facebook has also challenged me on how I can make money out of my interest.
Facebook is the social media which has shaped my identity because it has changed my style on appreciating diversity. I have met friends online by just using my Facebook account. Not all the friends are Americas. Others are Africans, Arabians, Europeans, and Asians. Racial discrimination is one of the global issues we are currently experiencing. Facebook has taught me that everybody is of importance and never look down on somebody due to his/her ethnicity. Interacting with a diverse group challenges me and it has really affected my thinking and communication skills. It is important to understand and respect other cultures and beliefs as this can be helpful when one travels outside of their own country. I love making new friends and Facebook enables me to do so. The chat option on Facebook is of great importance although some people may not understand it.
Social media has really influenced the identity of people. This depends on the reason one has to use social media. There are different social media apps and how one uses each can shape his/her identity. I have used Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat and Facebook. Among the four, Facebook is the social media which has shaped my identity because it has changed my style on different things. This is because it has shaped my style of fashion and appreciating diversity. I am into fashion and Facebook has been of great help. The social media discourages ethnicity discrimination as every person from different continents can have an account. This has enhanced my identity to appreciate diversity. I hope to have more experiences when I use my Facebook account as with the advancement of technology, I am sure more apps features will be innovated.

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