Single-Party Dominance in Mexico and China

Single-Party Dominance in Mexico and China

Ty in Mexico dominated power over the seven decades due to its use of corporatism. Interest groups in all sectors of the economy under corporatism were well represented. Different people's interest being catered for by the party led to smooth running of the government as a few complained. Power disputes in the interest groups were well dealt with ensuring minor rebellion and the ultimate reigning of the party over the years.

Comparison with China

In China, the presence of one party system to run political affairs of the country can be related to causes of Institutional revolutionary party dominance in Mexico. The communist party of China settles disputes coexisting in the society which are convincing to answering to people's interests. PRI dominance in Mexico also used to resolve uprising disputes among the citizens which kept people together. The system works by ensuring what the people advocate for is done to answer to their interests towards growth hence avoiding any rising demands for parties and movements to respond to such issues (Dickovick et al. 493). Single-Party dominance in Mexico and China is also enforced by the selection of leaders who are to run for the presidency or other seats using choosing them.

Influence of Interest Groups

Furthermore, those running for Congress in China, the communist party of China choose them ensuring control. In Mexico and China, single-party dominance has mainly been influenced by interest groups. In China, the Communist party officials represent corporates who are mostly interested in enriching themselves like in Mexico where interest groups running the petroleum business imposed sanctions to keep reaping from the industry. Liberal Democratic Party in Japan also represented interest groups in the export business and other ventures which were controlled by the prime minister.

Factors Influencing Single-Party Dominance

A variety of factors in various countries have influenced the types of single-party dominance in both more democratic states and less democratic states. In more democratic nations like China, single-party dominance has been affected by the urge to grow the economy rather than political games. Also, in other more democratic countries, single-party dominance has been due to ethnicity where people belonging to the same culture make the majority of the population, and thus they make laws which favor them above the other religions which lead to them ruling over an extended period.

In less democratic countries, single-party dominance is caused by different views of the various interest groups like in Mexico. Once the interest groups take control of the multiple functions of the government, people are less satisfied, and elections are filled with electoral fraud to keep those in power to run activities of a small fraction of people (Dickovick et al. 495). Also, single-party dominance has gained popularity in small states to reduce the killing of politicians due to political rivalry between conflicting parties. A single party is therefore used to keep the people together and reduce violence.

Work cited

Dickovick, J. Tyler, and Jonathan Eastwood Comparative politics: Integrating theories, methods, and cases. Oxford University Press, 2012.

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