Significance of Conscious Listening

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Conscious listening is one way in which an person can intentionally be present to see and apprehend personal, and others’ felt presence in a relationship. Conscious listening helps in improving the relationship both at work and home since it helps the individual to teach their mind in listening with an open heart. When people pay attention with an open heart, they deliberately decide to deal with their colleagues with a lot of dignity; hence they deliberately keep away from judgments, blames, accusations as well as other disturbing responses that may provoke their colleagues. Additionally, one can realize the extent of which others’ moves can be a standing block for getting the connection and love that they yearn for in creating a good rapport at a workplace and home.

Besides, when people listen consciously, they can give empathetic responses. Responses are most powerful elements in a piece of communication (Staik, 2017). They help individuals to determine whether they are empathetically connected with one another both at home and workplaces. In a situation where others’ responses communicate and indicate that they do not care about their colleagues, the emotions resulting from such responses affects the physiology of others which can eventually ruin relationships at workplaces or home (Staik, 2017). When one is present, members feel that they are connected with you in a way that creates good rapport thus improve relationships.

In conscious listening, I learned that for one to feel safe enough to be present, one is expected to express herself or himself genuinely, hence, he or she become more likely to be validated, listened to and valued in return. Moreover, it gives a passionate experience, allowing individuals to feel that they are safe enough in growing a quality and meaningful relationship which are mutually valued.

Conscious listening is different from the way I listen in the sense that, in a conversation I am often plainly inattentive to others whenever they are speaking. Also, when I seriously concentrate on a conversation with an individual, my thoughts often take over, thus finding myself thinking what I would say next instead of listening. Julian Treasure’s recommendations could change how I understand people and situations since he clearly illustrates ways of listening and it is through listening that I can understand others. For instance, he recommends that for one to listen, he or she has to be silent on what others say and have a correct listening position that will enable me to understand others. Also, to understand others, we need to receive, appreciate, summarize and ask questions.


Staik, A. (2017, February 25). Conscious Communication. Retrieved from Five Attributes of Conscious-Listening.:

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