Seasons and Moon Phases

We learned about and explored different seasons of the earth and moon phases during our visit to the planetarium exhibit. The phases of the Earth are caused by the Earth's axis tilting at an average angle of 23.4 degrees. The tendency causes differences in the amount of solar energy obtained by various parts of the Earth at different times of the year. Summer, autumn (fall), winter, and spring are therefore the product of the Earth's axis tilting.
Summer is the hottest season as compared to other times of the year. Summer is distinguished by the shorter nights and the longest days. Autumn denotes the transition from summer to winter. In this season, temperatures gradually decrease making the leaves fall from trees. Spring is one of the Earth’s temperate seasons before summer and after winter. In this season, days are longer, and the weather gets warmer, because the Earth tilts directly to the Sun. Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate and polar climates.The phases of the moon represent the different shapes of the illuminated part of the moon that are seen from Earth during a month. When the moon orbits around the Earth, the part of it that faces the sun glows. The various shapes of the moon that are lit up and seen from the Earth are its phases. Each phase takes about 29.5 days to appear again. In a month, the moon circles around the earth once.The different phases of the moon in order of their occurrence are the following:New moon;Waxing crescent;First quarter;Full moon;Last quarter;Old moon;Waning crescent;Waxing gibbous.

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