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I take this opportunity to apply for a marketing assistant position advertised by your company on 29 March 2017. I assume that your business has what it takes to foster and further grow my skills in marketing and general sales related practices. In return, I am more than happy to give my absolute commitment and relentless encouragement to the accomplishment of the company’s overall objectives by trying to make meaningful contributions to the company in the best way I can.
As a university alum, I have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing and eight months of professional experience as a sales and marketing intern. Not only has this made me acquitted with most the common sales and marketing practices in the workplace, but also it has also further helped me prepare for a career in the same field. With knowledge and introductory experience to sales and marketing, I believe I am the right candidate for the job position applied.

Other than educational qualifications, I believe I have the necessary skills it takes as I naturally have exceptional verb and written communication skills, interpersonal, leadership, intercultural skills, and organizational skills among other skills necessary to fulfill and meet demands that accompany the sales and marketing assistant role in your company. This, in turn, makes me extremely a good fit for the marketing and sales assistant position in your company at your organization.

With a combination of the necessary knowledge, skills and ultimately experience to conduct sales and marketing activities, I am the right candidate for the job in your company as with my expertise and knowledge that can further grow the company as a whole. Highly looking forward to a response from your end.

B) Business Invitation for International clients to attend our online webinar

We at kings and queens insurance take this opportunity to invite you to attend our fifth annual webinar meeting that will be covering great aspects of the company’s sales this year.

Ideally, the meeting seeks to engage customers who can further provide feedback on top of making requests that they would like implemented towards sales for the next business year. Thus, every client is greatly urged to be present especially if they are to gain and make significant contributions towards the company and themselves. Attendance of this meeting is a necessity for anyone looking forward to gaining with our company as there will be numerous benefits such limited allowance to join our sales force and earn with us by doing business on behalf of our company in your country and much more.

Thanks to the availability of necessary technologies, the meeting can be attended on our website through online conferencing. Not only will this save time for both our clients and the company, but it will also help save money. This thus calls for more attendance as all that matters is sparing some time to attend the organization online meeting where you can actually address the company’s board of directors if you wish to.

As a result of the meeting, there several actions that will emanate and it is best for you to avail yourself and get this benefits while you grow your awareness about the company and its sales activities. Not only will this ensure changes and actions taken there after best fits all our clients just in case you may have any special request regarding the kind of services we off at kings and queens insurance company. Clearly, all our customers are greatly urged to turn out for the meeting.

C. Importance of Culture

It is quite agreeable that when it comes to international business and in some instances local business, cultural sensitivity always has and should always be part of the bigger plan. Ideally, not all cultures are the same, and it is thus highly important to bear this in mind when conducting activities such as international marketing or planning for international meetings. Specifically, differences in cultural practices may greatly determine the business’ future with international cultures and thus is not to be taken lightly. Other than determining business proceedings, cultural diversity may be a source of learning where it can be a great way to increase diversity knowledge and acquire new business skills from other international cultures necessary to successfully penetrate international markets. It is agreeable that businesses that tend to have sufficient exposure to various cultures tend to flourish more than other businesses.

Companies are thus expected to prepare upfront for any coming cross-cultural interactions if these interactions are to turn out entirely fruitful and rewarding. On the contrary, lack of adherence to various cultural standards and upfront preparation in international business may bring about great issues concerning culture that may either hinder or completely destroy a company’s reputation depending on the companies approach taken towards these cultures. In some foreign cultures, for instance, the Japanese cultures, business etiquette is the determinant of whether people will do business with an organization or not. People from such cultures may be easily offended especially if they have certain expectation towards the company, for instance, expecting the company to know what to do about delivery and the kind of products they may want.

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