Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet's Forbidden Love

Romeo and Juliet, two young people from opposing households, are the literary work's ideal representation of love. Since the beginning of time, the Montagues and Capulets have been bitter enemies. (Wright 1270). The author discusses the strength of affection. Given the past of rivalry and hostility between their families, the two's relationship is doomed. Perhaps the author wants to use this affection to bring the families together. Where the two fell in love at first sight, the illusion of love at first sight has been recorded. With love as its central subject, the play captures many literary elements.

The Power of Love in Defying Expectations

Romeo and Juliet find love despite all the obstacles. There has long been animosity between their households. Therefore, it is not expected for the two to be in a love relationship. The amount of love that erupts is so intense that it is beyond their values and societal expectations. The play is famed for being the most famous love story ever written. The main characters' loyalty is for one another, rather than their wealthy and influential families. They go against all their social accords and genuinely love each other. They would rather be together than as symbols of their families (Klimberley 24).

The Destructive Nature of Love

In this relationship, Romeo and Juliet are literally up against the whole world with everything and everybody in opposition to their love. The strength of their love is likened to religion and magic- two other strong forces. The play depicts destructiveness with which love may come. There is a lot of violence and turmoil between the families involved and ultimately, the untimely death of the two lovers. The cost of this love is too high even for the characters to meet it and they end up dying painfully.

The Connection Between Love and Violence

More intriguing is the direct connection between love and violence in this play. The power of hate and love has been equally demonstrated (KIimberley 24). When one is rooted in either, they lose control over their emotions as they are overcome by it. In this play, both Romeo and Juliet are entrapped in love. Romeo initially met Juliet while being pursued by Tybalt, who sought to murder him. The lovers cannot stand staying away from each other alive. Death is better for them when compared to estrangement. Romeo threatens to knife himself in his prison cell for being banished from Juliet. Later on, Juliet pulls the same stunt.

The Tragic End of Romeo and Juliet's Love

Romeo cannot stand Juliet marrying somebody else, Paris, and vows to kill himself, should it happen. Suicidal and death tendencies are common things considered by the duo. Rather than have sweet dreams after their only carnal encounter, they wake to dream up of each other's death. The play ends tragically with both committing suicides. They die believing that they would be able to protect their love better when dead. It is so sacred that they end their lives for it- this is love so beautiful yet so destructive (Wright 1271).

The Conflict Between Individual and Society

Another theme brought out by the author is the conflict between an individual and the society. Both Romeo and Juliet act in consternation with the societal expectations of them (Decker 681). Their love is forbidden for the sole reason of deep-rooted family rivalry that cannot be resolved. Juliet's father, being the traditional family head, makes marital decisions for her as a woman. This denies her the freedom of choice on marriage. Moreover, societal norms and needs prohibit the kind of absolute love the two display. On the other hand, their Christian religion demands high morality and abstinence till marriage. However, the two are dogged by incessant dirty fantasies and ultimately engage in sex. As a man, Romeo has certain obligations, which he must uphold. Their families have a place on both certain expectations that they fight to extricate themselves from.

The Inevitability of Fate

Also, the author explores the essence of fate in our lives, which is unavoidable. From the onset, it is evident that the love between Romeo and Juliet is ill-fated (Decker 682). Typically, it is against the fate that they should be lovers. One may defy it, but it ultimately catches up. The play itself shows that fate has already set its course and there is no changing it. Family rivalry alone is an uphill for the lovers, excluding such events as accidents that alter Friar Lawrence's plans and Romeo's suicide that coincided with Juliet's awaking. These events play in the realization of fate and are therefore related. They play to show the futility of love between Romeo and Juliet.

The Use of Symbolism

The author has also used symbolism in the play such as light and darkness. Romeo and Juliet hide their love in darkness, preferring to meet in the night. Light represents goodness and also openness, whereas darkness shows the restrictive environment and opposition they encounter. They are each other's light in a world so against them. Such an imagery shows the up and downs of such love relationships (Wright 1271). Poison has also been used as a symbol of enmity between the Montagues and Capulets, by ultimately consuming their children's lives.

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