ritical care nursing: a holistic approach

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are frequently essential for the home nurse practitioner since they allow them to fill out progress reports for children referred to pediatric wards. The alert voice pain unconsciousness score and the gross motor function classification systems are two of the most recognized assessment instruments. Both instruments fulfill the same function. The technologies allow the nurse to identify any anomalous movements recorded by the patient and project the assistance that the patient need, such as the integration of hearing or mobility aids (Morton, Fontaine, Hudak & Gallo, 2017). The American Academy of Pediatrics develops the tools that could be used in detecting the development delays in children.

Standardized Instruments

The use of standardized instruments enable the nurses to discover if their developmental disorder that a nurse identifies in the child and further guide on the necessary interventions that a nurse should undertake. The standardized tools are used in the identification of children with the special health care needs. Such patients are often granted special care like those with chronic conditions to ensure that the medics take a higher degree of concern and concentration in treating the reported developmental disorder.

Evidence-Based Screening Tools

Finally, the evidence-based screening tools are crucial in enabling the nurses and the parents to discuss the systemic development process of a child. The device is used by the nurses to inform the parents of the developments that the child is making and the psychosocial progress of their child. The tool is also crucial in determining a given area of growth of the child, for example, gross motor skills development (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2014). Concisely, where a nurse notices a given development disorder, medical assessments are often conducted to establish the severity of the condition.


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