Relationship between bosses and employees

Relationship Between Employers and Employees: A Key to Business Success

Along with their clients, leadership and subordinates are the most important players in any firm. Any business must have a healthy relationship with its customers in order to be successful (Buckley, 2013). A healthy connection fosters an environment in which younger personnel can freely express themselves without fear of hostility or bias. Management research has shown that in order for employees to accept any change in a company, they have first to accept their leaders and change will automatically flow. This paper delves on how the relationship between employers and employees affects the success of the business.

Alignment of Employees and Organizational Goals

Employees and organizational goals should be aligned to have a smooth flow and a vision for a firm (Quast, 2012). There are different ways of attaining this. The major one is to create a sense of ownership and belonging to employees and the set goals. Leaders have to ensure that they explain to the employees why it is essential for them to achieve them and provide a way of motivating them. Motivation can come through seminars, workshops, tours among other team building activities (Gittens, 2012). On the other hand, employers should have time to know their employees. Understanding the employees makes it easier to comprehend what they like or dislike and through that one can know which agenda to push first and which to push last.

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Despite the role of leaders to steer employees towards achieving organizational goals, they change implementers. According to management, change is seen as the only constant thing in a firm, but change sometimes proves to be a difficult thing to achieve (Gittens, 2012). As managers, they should analyze the reasons why people resist change. One is the fear of the unknown. People fear to venture into new ideas fearing how things will turn out and opt to stick to the old ways which are certain (Quast, 2012). Leaders should, therefore, create an atmosphere where their employees are willing to risk and accept change, and that will depend on the relationship built between them.

Bridging the Gap Between Leaders and Employees

Other reasons for resistance to change are mistrust, lousy timing, and loss of control or job security. Change should be strategised and time sensitive while at the same time ensuring that the employees have a sense of ownership and their job is secure (Buckley, 2013). In conclusion, the gap between leaders and employees should be bridged and a smooth flow of information and ideas encouraged. Through that, leaders will be able to understand their employees and form a servitude nature of leadership in the organization.


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