Raise the Red Lantern Film

Raise the Red Lantern is a 1991 film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Gong Li. It is based on the novella of the same name written by Su Tong. It was later adapted into a ballet performed by the National Ballet of China. Read on for an overview of this sweeping tale of love and power.Songlian's relationship with the red lantern
Songlian's relationship with the red lantern is portrayed in a very symbolic way. The lanterns are placed around her room and in the scenes that depict the Master's first meeting with Songlian. In addition, Songlian is shown walking through the austere compound surrounded by red lanterns. However, the relationship between Songlian and the lantern does not end there. She must also face the fact that she cannot accept that the lanterns are in the hands of other people.Songlian is not a happy character throughout the novel, but the film does have moments of happiness for her. For example, when Yuru plays the flute for her, Songlian is happy because she remembers her late father. She learned to play the flute at a young age and feels close to her deceased father. In addition, on her twentieth birthday, Songlian is drunk and he desperately wants to get close to Feipu. Both characters have feelings for one another, but the relationship between Songlian and Feipu is not a happy one.Songlian's first night with a wealthy master
Raise the Red Lantern is a powerful parable set in 1920s China during the era of warlords. It is split into four sections that follow the experiences of young Songlian. Originally a college student, she is forced to drop out and marry into a wealthy family. This marriage leads to her becoming the Fourth Mistress of a wealthy master.When Songlian goes to spend her first night with her master, she hides herself under the covers and tries to keep her naked body hidden from view. Her husband, meanwhile, asks her to turn off the lanterns, but Songlian insists that she prefers that they be left lit to see her naked body. However, her first night with the master is interrupted by a servant who knocks on the door. The servant informs the Master that the Third Mistress (He Caifei) has fallen ill and needs medical attention. The master then orders the servant to call a doctor.Songlian's struggle to receive attention from a master
Songlian is a servant and the lover of a master. Yet, her life is not a comfortable one. She is relegated to the master's house and has no connection with the world outside. This traumatizes her, and she considers suicide.While her master has many mistresses, Songlian is a worthy candidate. As a mistress, she wants the master's attention, but she is in competition with other mistresses. Unlike the rest of them, her struggle to receive attention from her master is motivated by her desire to be a mistress. Although she wants the attention of her master, she feels unappreciated and worthless.Throughout the novel, Songlian's struggles to receive attention from a master reveal patterns of intrigue and exploitation. Her relationship with her master is defined by ritualistic behavior. Her master has a special foot massage for Songlian to signal her selection.Songlian's battle for the red lanterns
Songlian is a concubine who vies for her master's attention and favor. Her internal strife soon turns to backstabbing and deception, which eventually leads to Songlian's demise. The conflict also exposes patterns of intrigue and exploitation. The plot revolves around the struggle between Songlian and Chen, who are both competing for their master's favor.The story begins when Songlian is forced to marry Chen Zuoqian, a powerful lord with three wives. Each wife has a different room in the great castle, and each of them vies for Chen Zuoqian's attention. The conflict ensues when Chen Zuoqian must choose between his wives, as his attention carries privilege, power, and status. When he chooses to spend the night with a particular wife, the two women are forced to fight over who gets to spend the night.Songlian's battle for the red lantern is a psychological battle between her and Chen. She tries to win the attention of her husband despite his many wives, but she is never able to win him. The tension builds and she begins to lose confidence in herself and in Chen. She also battles with the personal maid Yan'er (Kong Lin). She hates Songlian, and dreams of becoming his concubine.Songlian's relationship with Yan'er
Songlian and Yan'er are two concubines who are separated by their father's death. On Songlian's birthday, she learns that her third mistress has been having an affair outside their marriage. After dragging her to a building, Songlian has her hanged by servants. After she is hung, Songlian pacing the compound is in a possessed state, but never reveals her fate.Songlian drags Yan'er to her room and forces the door open. He pans to the left to see the room. His movements seem motivated by sadness, and his distance from the camera is fixed. He is holding a doll that resembles a toy.

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