In American and European society, racism is a pervasive societal cancer. As a result, several studies in the social and natural sciences have been carried out over time to provide a comprehensive knowledge of what racism is and why it persists (Steinberg). This article will address how racism has changed over time, from the 19th century to the present, as well as how science is related to racism, within the context of this history.
Natural science, which focuses on biological creatures’ natural phenomena, contends that populations of animals may split off and evolve with differing gene frequencies. Additionally, if this occurs over an extended period, then the animals may have a hard time interbreeding which leads to the emergence of two species of animals. However, this should not mean that they are different in any way (Steinberg). As such, natural science has fought racism by explaining that skin color or any other distinct body features in animals (human beings are mammals, scientifically known as Homo Sapiens) does not necessarily mean that they cannot interact and interbreed. In addition, clines are mostly responsible for the distinct features among human beings. Nevertheless, a lot of people are not aware that race does not exist biologically which is why racism still prevails.
Social science has been quite vital in the spread of racism. This is because social science focuses on how human beings form relationships and how they maintain them. Over the years, especially in the 19th century, Western philosophers such as David Hume, Johann Blumenbach, and Immanuel Kant were heavily influenced by theories of monogenism and polygenism, which led them to publicizing and promoting racism so much (Steinberg). These philosophies are the foundation of racism today in the 21st century. As such, social science has contributed majorly to perpetuating racism over the years.
Racism remains as one of the leading causes of misunderstandings among diverse cultures such as the American and European societies. Natural science has proved that racism has no basis and it is quite irrelevant. However, social science shows that different generations are taught through observations that only people of their skin color matter the most. As such, most people practice racism based on the surrounding and social context they were raised in. Therefore, it necessary to teach the children mostly, and everyone in general, that all human beings are biologically the same and that it is environmental and geographical differences that cause the physical distinctions among humans (Steinberg).

Work cited
Steinberg, Stephen. Race relations: A critique. Stanford University Press, 2007.

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