Proposed Project for Seamus Company

By utilizing the appropriate technologies, global organizations have discovered numerous ways to be inventive (Guo, n.d.). To be profitable, organizations must be methodically and technologically organized (Hoos, Gröger, & Kramer, 2014). Seamus Company is the author of a grammar book series. That help middle and high school students understand the grammatical intricacies of English language, through the use of cartoons. It is evident that there are different complexities involved in the expansion of this business. With such increasing complications, it becomes a challenge for an organization to make progress into the future (Hoos, Gröger, & Kramer, 2014). It is now necessary for organizations to adapt to marketing tactics that make use of the existing technologies. We propose a move from supplying physical paperbacks to providing these books through mobile applications. It allows the organization to robustly connect with its customers instantly and enhance the costumer’s experience. This instant engagement offers increases in availability, user experience and efficiency that enables the organization to improve its overall performance and trust among the customers, employees, and stakeholders. Notwithstanding to these points, the proposed solution will require less cost and time and will benefit the company in the long run.

Proposed Project for Seamus Company
D1. Proposed Solution
Having noted that the underlying problem will only be solved through the use of an automated system, the proposed solution is the development of a mobile application that will enhance the strategic outlook and increase the bottom line of the company. Today, the use of mobile phones and its features have improved businesses around the world and most importantly, enabled the integration of the internet and online services which together gives the consumer a great experience. Seamus Company is in need of a unique technological solution that can accommodate new technological innovations in the instructions of language grammar. Developing a mobile application is the ideal solution given that most customers use mobile phones. Besides, the application can easily be manipulated to integrate it with new technologies. Cellular telephones use modern techniques and can, therefore, be used to administer a diversified range of operations.
It is important to note that almost everybody in the world has access to smartphones and the internet. For instance, the youth spend most of their time on social media and related mobile applications. Through this, they get enough time to access their mobile phones suggesting that there is a high probability that they will use the mobile app once developed. Also, technology has improved the way students learn in various ways by including smart learning devices. The proposed application is in line with the other intelligent learning devices and will on its part provide timely access to the different grammar series created by the organization.
In this fast-paced world, fast and efficiently accessed services are paramount to customers. Consumers look for efficient services most preferably online services that will just require pressing a button. With the development of a mobile application, Seamus will be able to automate its functions and save customers from extra activities like the physical carrying of the books. Additionally, there will be a collection of multiple series stored in the mobile application meaning that the readers will amply access all the books they require. It will also be easy to make regular updates where the subscribers are notified immediately – the minute such updates become available. This service will be done in a subscription model that will be more available and affordable. Students will be able to access the different applications at whim without limitations.
Apart from a new technology system that accommodates future developments, Seamus Company needs to have a practical business approach to reach its consumers easily. The many hindrances in some of the events it has done so far are the reasons why the company needs to improve its connection with customers. Most of the developments lack appropriate accessibility. Such implications will undoubtedly be overcome by using a mobile application for several reasons. First, it will allow the business to connect with its customer seamlessly. The constant interaction will provide the customer with the latest update from the company. Furthermore, promotion and routine discounts will attract more customers. Secondly, the company can modify, advance, or improve the process using the feedback from the customer. For instance, apart from the book series, the company can also develop some games which will attract more customers from teenage to professionals.
Secondly, apps, unlike a website, can be utilized in areas where there is intermittency in internet connection because they can be used offline. Thirdly, the apps are faster than sites, which will save the customers’ time. For example, the customer will not have to write the URL on the search bar and wait for the website to respond. Instead, a single click on the app will provide them a better and faster experience. One of the main reason that mobile applications are much more rapid is that they have pre-stored information which eliminates the factor of recalling data from the server in most of the functions. Lastly, the apps come with broad marketing strategies with secure encryptions, which will allow the company to offer the customers with some free services. It will help the customers to foresee the need to pay for the subscriptions.
D2. Case Study Review
Many companies have applied the solution of a mobile application (Cheong, Bruno, & Cheong, 2012). This is in efforts of connecting with more customers as well as making profitability. Mobile apps could reach many subscribers across the globe. Businesses can improve the business efficiency and operations as needed.
1. Amazon Kindle publishing is the best example that has utilized the mobile application to attract readers and publishers across the globe on one platform. It allows the writers to earn by using the shared revenue, whereas, it has enabled the readers to access millions of books online. Furthermore, this company has also systemized paperbacks and online versions in parallel to each other (“Web & Mobile Apps Customer Success Stories – Amazon Web Services (AWS)”, 2017). Moving ahead, the company has also launched its own smart devices dedicated to Kindle published books and other reading materials at one place. Thus, it relates significantly to the Seamus Company because both provide the reading and learning opportunity. However, seeing the successful case of Amazon, the probability to achieve the desired targets for Seamus Company is highly significant.
2. Pearson is another company that has utilized the mobile application approach. Through Pearson e-Text for schools, students can access different books online (“Forbes Welcome”, 2017). This access is done on a subscription basis. Users can access their titles using Mac or PC as well as a collection of other smart-hand held devices. Therefore, this case study signifies the opportunities for the Seamus Company to build a relationship with its targeted customers by using subscription and promotional approach.
3. Uber Technologies is another organization that has its reputation based on the mobile application. It has utilized this form in connecting millions of customers with available drivers. The transport sector is never the same again with an excellent utilization of this technology. It is an opportunity that has been utilized by connecting millions of subscribers through the mobile application (Havelka & Verbovetskaya, 2012). Like Uber, the Seamus can also connect with different teachers who will be available to assist students with their problems with language.
D3. Goals, Objectives, and Deliverables
The primary purpose of this project is to ensure that the company advances in its business strategy. In this case, Seamus company goal is to incorporate innovation into its operations as a way to increase its customer base and improve its service delivery. The business will be able to create additional opportunities that will see it become more profitable if the project is implemented. Innovativeness is critical to the success of every business. As a result, Seamus Company must ensure that it takes the right initiatives to develop the right strategies for its business growth. This project has the primary objectives as follows:
To help Seamus Company be able to access different business insights promptly.
Enable the company adopts new and enhanced technological innovations according to the market’s dynamics.
There will be a development of periodic reports concerning the operations of the mobile app. This includes revenues for each day.
There will be a natural communication process between the company and its intended customers.
Easy to monitor the business activities from time to time.
The goals will be accomplished by understanding the business needs. It is clear that some of the previous moves made by the company have not made significant progress. Therefore, the whole business process in Seamus Company must be identified. By understanding this process, all interdependencies among various business components will be realized. The following deliverables will ensure to achieve the objectives:
Increasing engagement: the organization’s stakeholders are the assets of a team. Therefore, the company must encourage them to be fully engaged in all the processes to execute the business insights promptly. The company should give them confidence and motivation through case studies of successful companies that have implemented the mobile application.
Improving visibility: it is easy to develop the auto report generation functions in the mobile app, which will discourse the statistics, such as some clicks, views, free users, and paid subscribers. The app will allow the company to be persistently updated with the progress and growth of the company as well as the expected outcome. Such information will improve the visibility of the company’s development with the action being taken in low performing areas. The company will assess the current state and compare it with its goals and mission
Creating accountability: all stakeholders in the process will have shared responsibility. Due to the auto-functionality and the readily available reports by mobile application, they will undoubtedly identify those components that are not working as intended. The reports will then be used to determine reduced performing staffs and departments, and as a result, members will be held accountable based on their performance.
Innovativeness: mobile apps are better placed for new ideas and developments compared to websites. The application can be modified and redesigned often with the creation of an improved version. Therefore, the company will embrace innovation because the app has the capacity for development.
D4. Projected Timeline
01 Identifying project idea 1 1/8/2018 1/12/2018 Development of a mobile-based application idea for Seamus Company
02 Proposal writing 1 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 A detailed proposal outlines.
03 Requirements analysis and definition 2 1/22/2018 2/02/2018 Tools and requirements plus specifications of the application.
04 System and software design 2 2/05/2018 2/16/2018 Model of the system
05 Implementation and system testing 2 2/19/2018 3/02/2018 Identification of applicability of the app.
06 Integration and system testing 1 3/05/2018 3/09/2018 Testing of the functionality of the app.
07 Maintenance and operation 1 3/12/2018 3/16/2018 Installation plan and maintenance
08 Documentation 2 (DAYS) 3/19/2018 3/20/2018 Documentation of the whole project.

D5. Resources and Costs
A business requires sufficient finances to develop an innovative strategy. An enterprise mobile application ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. This will depend on the intended features and the complexity of a business process. An organization must create an appropriate identification of what key features they want to be developed in this app. Cost savings can be achieved by making a distinction between elements of “must have” and those that are “like to have.” In the first case, the designers will give an outline of this app with their recommended budget. From this angle, Seamus Company will be able to scale its capabilities. It can add or remove recommendations in specific features as desired. The design will be a collaborative approach between this organization and the developers. Developers will also include those from within the company. This is because they are aware of the significant business activities and thus will aid in the development of appropriate approaches toward this application that can directly affect the strategic plans of Seamus. In a case where the design is not feasible to the organization’s goals, it will be corrected. Funding is a critical requirement for the development of a business process (Guo, n.d.). It will define what materials are to be used (Cheong, Bruno, & Cheong, 2012). With increased business complexities, materials being used must be suitable for sustainability. Therefore, there must be the utilization of quality materials in an overall design process. There are different sources available, some require hourly rate, and some are fixed budget that depends on functionality to be implemented. The following table represents the solid budget plan.

Project Cost
Discovery $4,500
Screen designs for the app $5,000
App development technology $35,000
Programming, Database and API’s $8,000
Administration $7,000
Quality assurance $4,000
Deployment and Cloud $3,000
Testing $1400
Total (for all operating systems) $72,700
Additional Work Cost
Maintenance $6000/ year (subjected to yearly update)
Table 1. Cost Estimation of the Project. Source: (Formutus, 2017)
D6. Outcome
The expected outcome of the project as explained by its goals and objectives is to develop a strategy that can improve the company’s profitability and enable it to embrace technology. Currently, business profitability is intertwined with technology, and therefore, technology must predecease marketing. The project should allow sc to reach many customers and provide them with better and improved services. The project evaluation will be done using the following analysis
1. Review of the situation: It will identify the entire processes regarding the market needs and requirements for the whole project.
2. Gathering of evidence: It will contribute to the identification of different reactions about the success, such as existing case studies and expected growth.
3. Analyzing the evidence: It will comprise an identification of the critical components that arise from people’s reactions and overcoming them with proper implementation of crucial solutions related that specific issues.
4. Sharing of findings: It will aid in a continuous improvement and assessment of the different components, such as learning, assistance, games, and so forth niches of the application.
Justification of the Technology
With the number of smartphone users increasing on a daily basis, marketing and business strategies that relate to smart technology has gained popularity due to its easy-to-use operation and global reach at customer’s fingertips. Mobile-based technology is critical to the development of a business process and its success. Today’s techniques are based on a large-scale use of mobile applications. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to bring a close link between the consumers and the business owners via this technology. For this reason, this innovation will ensure that there is a considerable enhancement of the business growth. Notwithstanding to these emerging tactics and metrics, the implementation of mobile application will lead to the flexibility of the business process.
The application will be beneficial to all customers for many reasons. With the customer being at the center of the company’s success, Seamus has every right to implement this project. The customer must first be happy and satisfied if the company needs to succeed. Therefore, I highly recommend that this technology is developed as it will improve the growth of the business. Some of the app’s significant benefits are identified as follows;
Up-to-date information: A regular update of grammar series book with no limitation of access
Flexible operation: The mobile application is adjustable making it easily accessible from any location. This app will be beneficial for both borders, day scholars, and e-learners.
User and device friendly: The application will be compatible with all mobile devices. Thus, it will be easy for users to access it using a variety of tools to include Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.
Portability: the users will be able to carry the application within their devices at all locations. Some of the saved videos can be accessed multiple times without having any requirement of an internet connection.
Cost-effective: This application will be relatively cheap. Users can choose their membership plan to have the amount of content they desire.
Within this field, I have done advanced application development and software design for many diverse organizations for the past 15 years. As a result, it will be easy to understand the design requirements of this intended application. Also, with the relative experience and knowledge of the latest technologies, I will ensure this project consist the cutting edge developments. My expertise will also provide there is ease of communication with the relevant stakeholder. Multifunctional teamwork will lead to an appropriate development of the right application. This will satisfy the company’s need as well as the need of the users.

Letter of Transmittal
Student’s Name
State, Postal Code

Contact Number

December 18, 2017

JoAnn Conjuction
Seamus Company
Supply Chain Department
650 N South Street
Dellberg, W199999

Dear Ms. Conjunction:

Find the attached reference to Seamus Company’s Request for Proposal (RFP) to implement a business approach subjected to increment in the revenue generation and expanding the business of the company to reach more customers globally.

After carefully reviewing the business domain and its services, I provide you the proposal which is aimed at bringing a practical approach supported by a technological innovation (mobile application) to achieve the targets mentioned above. It will prove beneficial by enhancing available services provided by Seamus Company to far-reaching customers. The details of the proposed solution are enclosed in the proposal.

For more information about its implementation and effectiveness, please, refer to the enclosed document. It also enfolds the goals, objectives, and deliverables of the technology proposed. The minimum cost required for the implementation of the project has also discoursed in the enclosure with this letter. Once you confirm this proposed solution, I will begin on it with an intention to deliver my services with dedication.

I am looking forward to receiving your response. Should you have any questions, or would you like to discuss the proposed solution further, please contact me without hesitation.
Student’s Name

Cheong, C., Bruno, V., & Cheong, F. (2012). Designing a Mobile-app-based Collaborative Learning System. Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice, 11. Retrieved from
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