Prison Break and The Conspiracy

About Prison Break

Prison Break is an American television serial drama series created by Paul Scheuring and airs on Fox. The series follows the exploits of two inmates, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield. Both men have been sentenced to prison. Their relationship is strained and they try to survive in prison. Despite their differences, they manage to succeed. Their storyline combines drama and comedy and will keep you hooked. Read on for more information. This article will briefly review their stories and help you decide which one to watch.

Michael Scofield

One of the two protagonists of the television series Prison Break is Michael Scofield. He is portrayed by Wentworth Miller. His character, Michael, works for a government agency that protects Americans from foreign threats. He is the lead investigator for the organization. His mission is to save the United States from imminent danger. In the show, he and his team try to stop the terrorists before they can strike back. But they are soon caught up in a conspiracy that could turn deadly.

Charles Westmoreland

In the game Prison Break: The Conspiracy, Charles Westmoreland was a criminal. The main character is a prison inmate who is convicted for a major prison break. Westmoreland escaped from a prison in Wisconsin with fellow prisoners Michael Cooper, Sucre, Lincoln, T-Bag, and Abruzzi. He became one of the notorious Fox River Seven, and is still wanted for his role in the Hijacking.

Dr Sara Tancredi

Fox has given the go-ahead for a new season of the popular television series Prison Break. The upcoming fourth season will follow the adventures of Michael Scofield and his friends and family. The show's heartbeat is the love affair between Michael and his future wife, Dr. Sara Tancredi. She will play Dr. Sarah Tancredi, who was first seen on stage alongside Michael Scofield in the first season. Later, she will appear alongside her husband, Michael Scofield, in season two. Like most of the characters on the show, Sara will be an accomplished doctor.

Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin

Rockmond Dunbar portrays the character of Benjamin Miles "C-Note" on the television series Prison Break. He was introduced as a prisoner in the pilot episode, and was promoted to a regular cast member midway through the first season. Rockmond Dunbar is a popular television character and deserves more recognition for his role on the show. He is an affable and intelligent character, who is always willing to help others, even if it means breaking into the other side.

Escape plan for Lincoln Burrows

The third episode of "The OA" begins with a surprise visitor, a man who is dressed as his father. He explains that he has been spying on Lincoln since he was a young boy, and has been giving EcoField information to use against him. LJ and Sara are trapped inside, and Lincoln must find a way to escape. He also has to save Veronica from a murder.


T-Bag, a man imprisoned on death row, is a psychopath. He slept with a waitress and fathered a son. He eluded authorities for several years, until he met single mother Susan Hollander. She had two children of her own and loved T-Bag dearly. She saw the wanted poster on America's Most Wanted and alerted the police. The two men eventually made it out alive.


The second season of The Mentalist featured the character C-Note, who became an active part of the escape in the episode "Sleight of Hand". He had been spying on Michael and the other inmates ever since the pilot episode, and he was even able to feign diabetes so he could get access to the infirmary. While he is initially suspicious about Michael's motivations, he soon changes his mind when he sees Michael's ability to fight one of T-Bag's men.

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