Primary ages and Obesity in Children

A infant who has not reached the age of 18 is seen in the UAE.

The paper will concentrate on journals in the UAE, including The Gulf News and the

Despite the issue of obesity, due to the large number of children with obesity, the paper focuses on obesity in the United Arab Emirates (Bajpai, n.d.; Cleland, n.d.).

Importance of the Topic

According to the article in The National, close to a third of the school going children in the UAE are found as obese or overweight(Alhammadi, Al Mehairi, Shamma, Muna, & Shah, 2014). It is worsened by the fact that according to these statistics obtained by the newspaper, 10% of the children under the age of 5 n the UAE are found to be anemic.

Advantages of Primary Identification of the Topic

It crucial since the children in the schools need to learn the importance of healthy diets and to engage in physical activity(Bajpai, n.d.). It is promising through the identification of programs such as the "Eat Right, Get Active" program that has been lauded by health experts in the UAE. According to The, upwards of 60 schools had enrolled in the program and the number was promising due to the interest by new schools to become part of the initiative(Cleland, n.d.).

Summary of the topic in The and The Gulf

In the article "UAE children more obese than the US, with 30% in Abu Dhabi overweight" by The National the issue of obesity has been highlighted. Emphasis is placed on the need for involvement by the schools, homes and the community as a whole in ensuring proper monitoring of the children practices about obesity (Cleland, n.d.). The article "Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the UAE" has similar statistics where it identifies the statistics on child obesity in the UAE at a disturbing 36 per cent. Based on the article, 66% and 60% of men and women respectively are obese. This data translates to the rate of obesity in children since obesity among the child if left unmonitored at that tender age, they risk developing into obesity as grown-ups(Bajpai, n.d.).

Impression of the Topic of Choice

The readings create a positive impression due to the fact the articles provide for the possibility of a solution to the issue and hope for the children who are suffering from obesity(Alhammadi et al., 2014).

Relation of Topic to Personal Belief

The paper fits with my personal belief where I trust the care of a child is paramount and the fact that a child cannot make their own choices and require proper support from the community, home, and school(Bajpai, n.d.; Cleland, n.d.). They should ensure for healthy diets and exercise.

Conclusion: Expectation in Addressing the Issue

Kindergarten and homes should have a proper technique in the handling of obesity issues among the children. Through cooperation between the two, there will be appropriate milestones based on the fact the children will have constant monitoring of their diets in schools and homes. Additionally, exercising both at home and school will assist in developing an all-round individual(Alhammadi et al., 2014).


Alhammadi, F., Al Mehairi, A., Shamma, A., Muna, A., & Shah, S. (2014). Epidemic of childhood obesity in the uae: implications for diabetes and hypertension. Obesity Reviews, 15, 60.

Bajpai, S. (n.d.). Childhood obesity is a growing problem in UAE. November 25, 2016.

Cleland, E. (n.d.). UAE children more obese than US, with 30% in Abu Dhabi overweight. May 7, 2013.

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