Prewriting Exercise for Article Selection and Refutation: A Refutation of JJ Colagrande's Article "Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal in Florida?"


Colagrande writes an informative essay on a subject that has been a source of controversy in several states in the United States of America for many years. The issue of marijuana legalization is more complicated than the superficial claims and logic advanced by Colagrande. Unlike her assumptive argumentation, this is a refutation of her viewpoint based on logical thought and critical analysis, as well as actual proofs.

Misconception of Marijuana's Role in Incarceration

Marijuana, according to Colagrande, is the source behind many 'innocent' prisoners languishing in jail. She is absolutely wrong; she has obviously not read the countless articles concerning the addiction to marijuana by teens more than even adults. The effects of this drug obviously outweigh the benefits, and it has to be mentioned here that there is nothing like the medical prescription of marijuana once. This is all a farce and a cover-up for hardcore dealers. A simple look at these supposedly innocent people in prison for selling these drugs will expose the reality that there was no connection to medical marijuana these people were even slightly interested in. Most of them had massive industrial grow houses, and this should not at all be tolerated.

Negative Consequences of Marijuana Legalization

Also, the mere act of legalizing this drug will bring about with it massive repercussions and unnecessary confusions and complexities. For example, people will intentionally abuse the provision of medical marijuana and some masquerading as doctors will begin selling prescriptions to any wannabe stoners and this whole thing will eventually turn into a circus and spin out of control. Marijuana is something whose legality should not even be considered by any forward-thinking individual.

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