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Military operation refers to an organized mobilization of all forces, independent of the attack by sea, land, and air. Military action can involve a landing, confrontation, combat, war, or engagement with amphibians. Military acts, however, are decided by the military commander-in-chief, who provides instruction on what military action can usually be taken by the head of state in a region. Furthermore, military activity suggests war as a cause of their wrongdoings against the individual nation.
Against Syria Military Intervention President Donald Trump, the commander in chief of the US military ordered military action against the Syrian government airbase due to a chemical weapon attack that killed civilians in the US. The attacks are based on a civil war against the two states. The military action targeted the airbase where the warplanes linked to the chemical attack were kept hence destroying them. The attack involved the airstrike forces which were used to destroy airbase but killed six people according to Syrian’s Armed Forces General Commander.

However, as a result of this attack different states would give different options regarding the attack. For instance, Russia condemned the attack and termed it as an act of aggression and a disgraceful act by the US President Donald Trump. On the other hand, Trump termed the act as a matter of national security hence his military action to deter the spread of use of chemical weapons again to kill civilians in the US. Furthermore, he insists that Syria ignored the UN Security Council and also violated obligations under the Chemical Weapon Convention.


In conclusion, military action taken by Donald Trump is a measure to protect member states of the US from a similar Chemical attack happening thus preventing civilians from losing their lives. The attack may have called various responses by various states but the plans were all in protection of the US citizens.

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